Why choose JAN-PRO Winnipeg for your office cleaning services?

We know that you’re a busy person and you have much larger things to worry about in your business, other than if the cleaning is done correctly in your facility. Leave that to JAN-PRO. JAN-PRO promises to provide your office, warehouse, commercial space, recreational facility and more, with the highest standard of clean. Since no facility is the same, JAN-PRO will create a customized cleaning schedule, based on your facility’s needs and our expertise. That means that you can be confident that your office cleaning services delivers exactly what your facility needs.

All our Franchisees are Business Owners. That means that the cleaners coming into your facility are invested in your satisfaction as a customer. All Business Owners have gone through a 5 week rigorous training program that ensures all cleaning teams entering your facility are technically trained at JAN-PRO’s high standards of cleanliness, understand health & safety issues and concerns, WHMIS and disinfection protocols. Every one of our Business Owners have also passed police background checks, have valid business licenses, and are bonded and insured, through JAN-PRO.  JAN-PRO’s strict compliance with all the features listed above, ensure we eliminate any risk to our customers that could arise from cleaning activities.  Exceptional standards with no worry – that’s what you get from JAN-PRO.

At JAN-PRO Winnipeg, we ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with your janitorial services through our guarantee. JAN-PRO’s 100% guarantee certifies that your commercial cleaning services will be performed at the highest standard, completed on time and according to your customized cleaning schedule. Should any issues arise with your cleaning services, we promise to correct these issues within one business day. Our commitment to the training of our franchisees, our quality of work and our customer service is what makes JAN-PRO of Winnipeg the top choice for professional janitorial cleaning services.


Call JAN-PRO Today at 1-888-977-1444 and get the cleaning your office deserves.

JAN-PRO will donate $2.00* to the Breakfast Club of Canada for every office cleaning Quote Submission received on line.

*allows one breakfast for 2 kids

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