What You Can Expect

When you choose to start a franchise, you are choosing to start your own business. With that comes responsibility and ownership of your business, so there are some things that you can expect, and that the franchisors will expect of you. At JAN-PRO we consider placing our reputation in your hands every day, and that’s a responsibility that we both share.

Here’s some things to expect once in a franchise business model:

• Best Practices: You are expected to always follow the JAN-PRO model.
• Respectful Relationships: you’ll have relationships with customers, colleagues and business partners alike.
• Consistent Performance: With every clean, every day.
• Punctuality: adhere to the schedules that have been set.
• Emergency Planning: Being ready to work around problems and solve them.
• Prompt Resolution: Of any and all service quality issues.
• Pride in Appearance: Representing the JAN-PRO quality image.
• Clear Communication: With both customers and JAN-PRO.
• A Will to Win: Make the most of your JAN-PRO franchise.
• An ‘Owner’ Mentality: Recognizing that everything is your business.

Become a Franchise Owner

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Learning About Becoming a JAN-PRO Franchisee Owner!

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Become a Franchisee Today!
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