Why Choose JAN-PRO Toronto West for your Office Cleaning Services?

We understand that all businesses want to see that the cleaning company they hire is worth the cost. To make sure that you see value for your money, our owner operators and cleaning crews are trained to deliver high-quality janitorial services that meet the JAN-PRO standard – every time. JAN-PRO Toronto West makes it easy for our clients to buy our cleaning services and clearly see the results of our process.

At JAN-PRO, we take cleaning seriously. That’s why we inspect your business for complete cleanliness after your commercial cleaning services have begun. If any aspect of your cleaning service is not up to par, we’ll make adjustments going forward. JAN-PRO will continue these inspections on a regular schedule to ensure the quality of your office cleaning remains at an optimal level.


Call JAN-PRO Today at 1-888-977-1444 and get the cleaning your office deserves.

JAN-PRO will donate $2.00* to the Breakfast Club of Canada for every office cleaning Quote Submission received on line.

*allows one breakfast for 2 kids

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