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7 of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your offices

Your office may get cleaned once or several times a week, but there are certain frequently touched surfaces in your office that may need more attention due to the bacteria left behind on those surfaces. Read on below to find out seven of the most heavily contaminated surfaces in your office! 1.Keyboard You use your… Read More

The Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is specialized and can be very product and skillset specific, which is why it can’t be handled by just anyone. A company that focuses in the field of professional cleaning services can give their clients many advantages. Here’s some top reason to consider making the investment:

5 Top Benefits of Daycare Cleaning Services

Cleaning requirements for a daycare are different than most other types of businesses. The health of your staff, parents, and children are optimized by scheduled and consistent cleaning and sanitizing. Green cleaning materials protect your business and the people in it from exposure to harmful chemicals. Specialized floor care is important, especially for children and… Read More

How to Hire the Right Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

In a fast-paced kitchen environment, keeping your surroundings clean is vital. Without proper cleaning your customers are at risk for food poisoning and other illnesses. Many times, this type of cleaning responsibility is put on your employees, who already have set tasks to take care of. When it comes to cleaning, hire a professional that… Read More

Why Hire an Industrial Cleaning Service

When running any business, it’s pertinent to follow health codes and keep your space sanitary. A clean environment means happy employees, and happy employees means higher productivity. Having professionals come clean your office or warehouse is the best way to ensure it’s done properly. First impressions are important, and you don’t want clients to walk… Read More

Keep Your Office Clean & Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is hectic. You may have family dinners to attend or prepare for, kids home from school excited for Santa Clause to arrive, gifts and a house to prepare. But that’s just in your personal life. Your work life can also get hectic during the holidays. There’s work to prepare for and finalize… Read More

3 Things You Can Do If Your Boss’s Office Isn’t Clean

The start of a new week feels like a fresh start. It’s a new week for you to prioritize your work and activities, get things done and feel accomplished. A big part to a new week is your work life. You spend approximately 8 hours a day in your office so it’s an important area… Read More

Why JAN-PRO Offers the Best in Toronto Cleaning Services

When it comes to the best Toronto cleaning services, JAN-PRO is in a class of its own. Simply put, many cleaning businesses make a verbal promise. In contrast, JAN-PRO offers customers a guaranteed level of satisfaction on all of the services performed, which is only one of the reasons JAN-PRO is the best cleaning service in… Read More

10 Daily Cleaning Tips to Keep your Desk Tidy

Although it is not the largest space that you need to keep clean, the desk often becomes submerged underneath the daily grind of business. As you become focused and drawn into your duties, the physical space of your desk begins to get more cluttered and increasingly dirtier. However, you should know that there are many… Read More