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Should I Replace My Office Carpet, or Can it Be Cleaned?

Carpet is an essential part of a modern office. Besides being an alternative to tile or concrete flooring, it can add elegance and warmth to your office, but like everything, carpets age with constant use. They lose their color and luster, and look faded and old. When a carpet looks prematurely old, the problem often… Read More

8 Often Missed Spots You MUST Clean in Your Office

Your office is, in a way an extension of your personality. The people who walk into your office for the first time often judge you and your company by the appearance and cleanliness of your office. A neat, clean and elegant looking office improves your credibility while a cluttered and dirty office has the opposite… Read More

Spring is the Time for Deep Cleaning and Restorative Processes

This year’s cold winter is finally over and the pleasant and warm days of spring are here again. After lying dormant for months, Mother Nature is once again in resurgence. It is the perfect time to restore and rejuvenate – your own life as well as your office. The floors, windows, carpets, ceramics, furniture and… Read More

Calgary Owners Win Top Award

JAN-PRO, internationally ranked leader in the commercial cleaning industry, is pleased to announce that Nida and Nixon Ranjo of the company’s Calgary office, have been selected as recipients of the 2013 Unit Franchisee of the Year award, from over 10,000 franchisees around the world.  This award is given annually to an exceptional franchise owner in… Read More

The Importance of Choosing a Bonded and Insured Cleaning Company

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is… You’ve heard the saying before.  I can’t think of a time when it wasn’t true… many things in life have a catch.  This can apply when you’re hiring a new office cleaning company.  We’re all looking to save a few bucks, and price is a… Read More

All About JAN-PRO’s Commercial Cleaning Services Guarantee

get our no-nonsense JAN-PRO Guarantee. Because all of our franchise owners are effectively trained and use only the best equipment and most innovative cleaning methods, our guarantee is ironclad. It’s what has propelled us to win the fastest growing franchise award 3 years in a row, and what keeps our customers coming back at a… Read More

How to Start Your Search for an Office Cleaning Company

This time of year is busy for many of us because winter is just around the corner.  This means salt, sand, snow and everything in between is going to be tracked into your office or workplace.   Never mind the fact that flu season is on its way as well!  Your office is looking dirtier by… Read More

4 Tips to Get Rid of Oily Stains on Carpet

When you get an oil stain on your carpet, your first thought is often to simply push a big piece of furniture over the stain to hide it. This may be a great short term solution, but it does not fix the long-term problem. There is no need to avoid or hide these messes because… Read More