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9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Company’s Janitorial Services

Outsourcing your office’s cleaning services is a strategic business move for your company. Maintenance services are one area where outsourcing is a good decision in the middle of a towering work load and tight budget. If your goal is to make your company more efficient money-wise and time-wise, then you will be pleased to see… Read More

5 Signs Your Office Cleaning Services Aren’t Doing a Good Job

At this point you may be questioning the quality of your office cleaning service. You may be left feeling frustrated by the quality they promised you. Take a look at these 5 signs that your office cleaning service isn’t doing a good job and find out if it’s time to make a change. 1. They… Read More

7 Traits to Look For In a Reputable Business Cleaning Service

Before signing a contract with someone to clean your office, take a look at these 7 traits that you should look for in a reputable business cleaning service. By ensuring these traits are met, your company will be more productive and consistently operate in a cleaner and greener environment. A Good Reputation Before hiring a… Read More

5 Reasons You Need Corporate Cleaning Services if Customers Visit Your Office

Corporate cleaning services for businesses are extremely important. Let’s face it — you don’t want customers coming to your workplace and being appalled by gatherings of dust and dirt. Here are five reasons you need a corporate cleaning service like JAN-PRO to ensure your workplace shines for your customers: