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Slips Trips and Falls: What is the Property Owner’s Responsibility?

Part of business ownership is ensuring that all employees and visitors on the premises are reasonably protected from harm.  This places a degree of accountability on the property owner as well as any manager who oversees activities in the building.  If you happen to hold either of those positions, it helps to understand what could… Read More

Winter Office Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Business Spotless

Although the winter is traditionally a time to bundle up inside, you shouldn’t forget about the effect the cold weather has on your office cleaning practices. Keeping your office cleaned and healthy takes on a much more important role during the winter months. During this time, infectious germs and diseases are easily transferred. If you… Read More

Office Cleaners Can Help You Make a Great First Impression

Making a good first impression on customers is important for any business. As well as the service that they receive, customers also form a first impression based on the business premises. Office cleaners can help to keep your business premises in a clean and presentable state at all times, so that you do not have to… Read More

How to Start Your Search for Office Cleaning in Montreal

Hiring the right team to clean your office is extremely important. You want to be sure that the service you are hiring is trustworthy, professional, and comes at a price that fits into your budget. When starting your search for office cleaning in Montreal, you need to consider the following factors. Flexibility When you are… Read More

4 Key Elements of Any Cleaning Contract

When you are trying to forge a professional relationship with your cleaning contractor, a written cleaning contract is the most effective way to start your partnership. A properly drafted cleaning contract leaves little to no room for a disagreement. More so, a properly written contract explains the exact responsibilities and obligations of every party. The following… Read More

Cleaning Windows: A Seasonal Cleaning Task

Having clean windows is important because your storefront is the first and potentially the last impression a customer has of your business. To effectively manage this impression, you should always have clean windows at your facility. Clean windows undoubtedly present and promote a much more positive image of your business than dingy and cloudy windows do…. Read More

Why JAN-PRO Offers the Best in Toronto Cleaning Services

When it comes to the best Toronto cleaning services, JAN-PRO is in a class of its own. Simply put, many cleaning businesses make a verbal promise. In contrast, JAN-PRO offers customers a guaranteed level of satisfaction on all of the services performed, which is only one of the reasons JAN-PRO is the best cleaning service in… Read More

Why Total Building Maintenance Includes Professional Cleaning Services

As a property manager, you’re responsible for several facets of the building facilities. While taking care of the lawn and other external facilities are commonly at the top of your list, you must also manage the internal building maintenance. Making sure your facility is clean accounts for much more than an aesthetic appeal. For example,… Read More

How Frequently Should My Office Windows be Cleaned?

If you wonder how often your office windows should be cleaned, the answer is not as simple as you may expect it to be. In fact, it depends on many different factors, including the type of business you run. The profile of your business can influence how often your office windows get dirty, both inside… Read More