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Understanding the Differences Between Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing

The difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing isn’t always apparent, so it is important to understand the difference and benefits of each prior to use. Each procedure has its own benefits and requires specific methods to achieve the desired outcome. The cleaning process is designed to get rid of food, grease, odors, dirt and some… Read More

5 Ways a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

For most businesses, expensive marketing, innovative strategies and offering high quality products or services are great ways to be successful. But there’s a thread that ties through all the facets of your company, and that is a clean office. Cleanliness improves mood and in turn, encourages your employees to work hard. Here are some of… Read More

What Kind of Bacteria Can Be Found in Your Workplace?

Bacteria are everywhere. Neither plant, nor animal, bacteria are categorized separately. It’s been estimated that the planet contains 5 nonillion of them. Simply put – they’re unavoidable. Most bacteria are not harmful to humans, yet a significant percentage is, and these are the ones that get us sick. Your workplace may have more bacteria than… Read More