Why Choose JAN-PRO Quebec for your Office Cleaning Services?

JAN-PRO brings the best in commercial cleaning to a variety of businesses across Quebec as well as across the country. Whether you own a medical office, local retail store, office building, or other type of facility, we can provide unmatched cleaning services for your business. Your cleaning schedule will be tailored to your budget, your type of business and your specific cleaning requirements, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best clean every time we visit.

Our outstanding janitorial services goes beyond our thorough cleaning. We aim to provide excellent customer service to all of our clients. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your local JAN-PRO owner operator will ensure that all tasks are completed to your high standards. We also promise to resolve any service issues within one business day, so you can feel completely confident in your choice of office cleaning company. JAN-PRO wants to be The Last Cleaner You’ll Ever Hire®!


See What Other Clients Say:

“I would recommend JAN-PRO, I am 110% satisfied. Their franchise owners’ services are professional, personalized, attentive, and trustworthy and meet all my requirements.”
Clinique dentaire Baillargeon

“We are pleased with the work done by JAN-PRO… our retail store looks much better now!”
Canac-Marquis Grenier

“We have had peace of mind since JAN-PRO took charge of our business cleaning needs.”
Béton Mobile

Call JAN-PRO Today at 1-888-977-1444 and get the cleaning your office deserves.

JAN-PRO will donate $2.00* to the Breakfast Club of Canada for every office cleaning Quote Submission received on line.

*allows one breakfast for 2 kids

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