Why Choose JAN-PRO Montreal for your Office Cleaning Services?

When you choose JAN-PRO commercial cleaning services, you are choosing to work with a company dedicated to consistent, thorough, and green cleaning practices. As a certified green cleaning service provider in Montreal, we offer businesses like yours a safer and healthier way to keep their facilities clean.

At JAN-PRO, we also want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your investment in our cleaning services – that’s why we guarantee our work. We not only guarantee that it will be completed on time and on schedule, but also that it will be done right. We promise to respond to and resolve any service issues that may arise within one business day. This commitment to our customer service is what sets JAN-PRO apart from other office cleaning companies in Montreal. We’ll make sure that JAN-PRO is The Last Cleaner You’ll Ever Hire®


See What Other Clients Say:

“Commercial cleaning services at our office are done well, and when adjustments are required, they are made and performed promptly. Their services and the collaboration of their people are exemplary and professional.”

“To this day, we cannot say enough about our satisfaction about their efficiency and the quality of their work and services. Moreover, the support and training put behind their franchise owners always ensure that they are always using state of the art cleaning techniques.”
Aliments Multibar

“We felt a huge improvement in the quality of service when we opted for JAN-PRO. The work schedule is closely followed and the work is performed with great attention to detail.”

Call JAN-PRO Today at 1-888-977-1444 and get the cleaning your office deserves.

JAN-PRO will donate $2.00* to the Breakfast Club of Canada for every office cleaning Quote Submission received on line.

*allows one breakfast for 2 kids

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