EnviroShield™ Commercial Electrostatic Disinfection Services

Protect yourself with the EnviroShield Total Disinfection System™

With the current health crisis we are experiencing, we are all looking for ways to protect ourselves more. As a business partner for many companies across Canada, JAN-PRO has been providing specialized commercial cleaning and disinfection services for more than 25 years. Cleaning and disinfection are a business’s first line of defense in protecting the health of people who frequent their establishments. But, safety doesn’t cost as much as you think. JAN-PRO has created cost-effective package options that provide a higher focus on high-touch point disinfecting, and the incorporation of EnviroShield disinfection services.

Preventive measures to protect your business

Whether it’s colds, flu, COVID-19, or other contagious diseases, 80% of viruses and bacteria are easily transmitted between people who frequent the same work environment. JAN-PRO’s exclusive disinfection technology effectively eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. The application of the EnviroShield™ disinfection system is ideal for preventing or treating the outbreak of viruses and bacteria such as MRSA, H1N1, E-Coli, Listeria, COVID-19 and many others that can be found in workplaces.


EnviroShield’s application™ envelops all surfaces

The Advanced EnviroShield™ disinfection system combines the use of an electrostatic spray and a hospital-grade disinfectant that was specifically formulated to be used in an electrostatic sprayer. EnviroShield™’s electrostatic disinfection spray technology provides complete coverage, unlike other sprayer machines or foggers made for pest or weed control, and actually wraps around all surfaces to disinfect. This is thanks to the electronic charge.

EnviroShield™ treats hard-to-reach surfaces, objects and areas that other disinfection systems cannot reach.

EnviroShield™  is ideal for:

  • Grocery stores and markets
  • Industrial facilities
  • Transportation and distribution companies
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Daycare centers and early childhood centers
  • Retail stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Medical clinics and dental centers
  • Gas stations
  • And more!

The safest and most advanced technology on the market

With a Registered DIN product and Health Canada Approved, the EnviroShield disinfection system ™ is non-corrosive, food-safe, does not leave behind any toxic residue, does not affect most materials, does not stain, and requires no personal protective equipment for the user or special precautions in the places where it is sprayed.

What is the active ingredient in the EnviroShield™ system?

The disinfectant solution is based on stabilized chlorine dioxide. The system delivers micro-bursts of chlorine dioxide to microbes resulting in the physical destruction of a multitude of dangerous organisms including C-diff (clostridioides difficile). Once the microbe is destroyed, the disinfecting agent ceases its reactive process, insuring no free chlorine dioxide will be released eliminating any health risk or physical hazard.

Is the process safe for the environment?

Absolutely! The lack of handling, transportation, storage, and disposal requirements make EnviroShield™  a safe product for internal and external uses.


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