What Steps To Take To Start A Cleaning Business?


Nothing compares with the satisfaction of successfully running your own business. Perhaps you have been considering striking out on your own and have been thinking about starting a cleaning company.

Two different approaches can be taken to start your own cleaning business. First, we’ll examine the more traditional method.

Choose A Name

Your company’s name should be easy to remember, concise, and appropriate for cleaning services. It should sound professional and inspire confidence. Your name must also be original; it can’t resemble another company’s name too closely, or you could face copyright infringement litigation.

Become Bonded And Insured

A critical piece of any commercial cleaning company is its insurance coverage. Although it represents an important expense, it should not be overlooked. Without it, you could be exposing yourself to significant liability if an accident were to take place. Furthermore, your customers will require you to carry adequate insurance coverage. Another requirement for most clients will be that your company is bonded to protect against potential theft from your employees.

Launch Your Marketing Campaign

In order to start making some money, you’ll have to get local businesses to take notice of you. You can choose from print, radio or TV advertising, however, you may find that online advertising is more cost-effective. By specifically targeting individuals in your geographic area who have done internet searches for your services, your advertising message will have greater chances of reaching your desired audience.

Of course, in order to have an online marketing campaign, you must first have an online presence. A well designed, functional and responsive website is an absolute must. The content on your site should be interesting, relevant, fresh, and informative.

The Alternative: Buying A Franchise

There’s a much easier way to start a cleaning business that will also help you to avoid common mistakes. That method is purchasing a franchise. Look for franchisors with a solid history of success, as those will have a proven formula that you will be able to replicate.

You’ll enjoy the many advantages of being a franchisee, including training programs and ongoing support. You’ll also reap the benefits of the franchisor’s marketing efforts, not to mention their many potential customer leads.

As a leader in commercial cleaning franchises, JAN-PRO has been awarded Entrepreneur Magazine’s award for the fastest growing franchise three years in a row. You can discover the JAN-PRO difference by becoming a franchisee today!

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