What Kind of Businesses Hire Cleaning Services?

Not many people enter a business or residential building and marvel at the job the cleaners have done. Commercial cleaning is the type of service that is often taken for granted when done well, and only noticed when it is done poorly. Of course, that doesn’t mean cleaning isn’t important and doesn’t play a role in maintaining a business’s professional image.

In fact, when a company decides to hire cleaning services, they are investing in the public’s perception of their company as well as in their employees’ and visitors’ safety. Making the right choice means having cleaning services that are performed on schedule and according to a mutually agreed upon contract.

What Are the Criteria?

Businesses of all different sizes hire cleaning services, and it is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks in the business world. When a business has a reliable cleaning company in its corner, the owners and managers can focus on running the company and leave the cleaning to the experts. So, there really are no set criteria for hiring cleaning services, just the need and desire to have a professional looking facility on a regular basis.


A Range of Different Business Types

There are many different types of businesses that use cleaning services on an on-going basis. If you are trying to decide whether to get into this industry, the options are many and the opportunity is there to be very successful. Here are some of the common businesses that hire cleaning services.


Office Buildings

Office workers can produce a lot of garbage and a lot of mess over the course of a business day. Most larger office buildings have office cleaning done on a nightly basis, so everything is restored and ready to go by morning.


Industrial Buildings

Some industrial buildings are operating 24 hours a day, so industrial cleaning will need to be performed on a mutually agreed upon schedule. The offices can be cleaned at night, but any areas with around the clock workers will need to have a different agenda.


Healthcare Facilities

It stands to reason that healthcare and dental cleaning need to be of the highest quality, considering the type of activities that take place in those facilities. Dental offices are often cleaned after hours, as are smaller clinics that close each day.

Restaurants & Pubs

Any place that serves food must be a place that makes customers want to eat food, so restaurants and pubs use commercial cleaners on a regular basis. Restaurant and pub cleaning and general hospitality cleaning can be a lucrative market for any cleaning service.


Recreational Facilities

Recreational and leisure cleaning can pertain to many different facilities. Some may be community-based, some are for seniors, and others cater to sporting events.

Retail Stores

The number and type of retail stores in most towns and cities seem to keep on growing, and all of them need to be cleaned regularly. Retail cleaning can make up a large portion of a cleaning company’s portfolio, especially if you are located in an area with an abundance of retail locations.


Residential Buildings

Residential buildings have both tenants and visitors to consider, and they must be kept in good condition at all times. Property managers are always concerned about issues of liability, so most of them take residential building cleaning very seriously.


Elementary schools, high schools, Montessori schools, colleges and universities, and specialty schools all hire cleaning services to keep the halls and classrooms in good condition. It’s true that many hire their own staff for school and Montessori cleaning, but there can still be opportunities for cleaning companies.


Health Clubs

Like schools, many health clubs choose to hire cleaners in-house, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, they prefer to outsource the cleaning duties and avoid having a permanent employee to keep the facility clean.


Car Dealerships

It’s no secret that every good car dealership must look great to keep potential buyers interested. That means the floors and the windows need to be in pristine condition during the workdays to give the perception of quality that they need.

Spas and Beauty Salons

Spa and beauty salon cleaning is a commonly outsourced service to keep these facilities looking classy. These are often smaller areas, but it’s still important to keep the floors and windows looking good.

The opportunities to find clients in the commercial cleaning industry seem endless, as there are just so many companies that need these services. If you’d like to learn more about the commercial cleaning industry or inquire about franchising opportunities, get in touch with us at JAN-PRO today.


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