Meet Long-Standing Certified Business Owners!

As JAN-PRO of Canada continues to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary in 2020, we also wanted to showcase some of our longest-standing certified business owners (CBO’s). CBO’s are one of the most important pieces of our business and we love to showcase their success; meet a few below!

2 successful certified business owners of JAN-PRO

Name: Mehul & Haritha

Business owner since: 2012

Mehul can put a smile on anyone’s face, including his customers and staff. Mehul and Haritha have been able to grow their business exponentially over the years, increasing their monthly income and supplementing it with special service work such as deep cleans and floor maintenance. Mehul is also a Certified EnviroShield Technician, able to provide his customers with the most advanced disinfection system on the market. In 2016 they also received an Honourable Mention for Franchise Owner of the Year.

Loving father and husband, Mehul along with his wife Haritha have built a sustainable business that has helped their family flourish! Thank you for your dedication!


JAN-PRO Canada's 25th AnniversaryName: Joan

Business owner since: 2008

Joan has seen tremendous growth in his business since starting. He has great relationships with his customers and is always willing to go the extra mile. With some large monthly accounts, Joan has hired employees who also have pride in a job well done, due to the guidance and supervision of Joan as a business owner. Joan is always adding to his portfolio and also performs specials such as carpet extractions, and strip and wax, and is a Certified Enviroshield Technician.

Always ready to help other JAN-PRO business owners, Joan shares his knowledge and experience with others. The business has allowed him to support and spend more time with his immediate family, as well as helping his family back home in so many ways.


2 successful Certified Business Owners of JAN-PROName: Marco & Maria

Business owner since: 2006

Marco and Maria started their JAN-PRO business after they were married with 2 children and they wanted to find a small job for Maria that was flexible. Since then they have doubled their business and are both a large part of the business.Although they are not currently growing the business, they are steady, with a full plate and adored by all their customers. Marco and Maria are prime examples of success by following the brand and using the tools provided for their business. Their son was also a winner of JAN-PRO’s Your Family First Scholarship program in 2019.


Thank you to the over 1,700 JAN-PRO Certified Business Owners in Canada that make everything possible!

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