Is Purchasing a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Worth it?

Are you struggling to find the right business venture to complement your entrepreneurial spirit? Often when people think of franchises, the restaurant industry immediately comes to mind, but there are so many more profitable business options out there!  For example, a quality commercial cleaning franchise can be a rewarding endeavor, especially if you love providing fresh and meticulous services that people enjoy and appreciate walking into.

Below are a few of the top reasons for investing in a franchise cleaning business:

The 3’s of Owning a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

With close to 80,000 different franchise units doing business across Canada, franchise owners are bringing the small business industry to a whole new level. The franchise industry rakes in close to 68 billion dollars a year, why not get a small slice of the proverbial cash pie when you embark on the road towards franchise ownership? When you immerse yourself in an industry that produces job growth and economic cash flow, success seems a lot closer than you think. Check out these three tried and tested commercial cleaning franchise perks for yourself:

  1. Franchises make starting a business easier. Rather than fighting through endless licensing, large start-up fees and the chaos that comes before an established plan of action is put in place, a franchisee has support, a marketing module that works and a ready-made supply chain at their fingertips.
  2. When you become a franchise owner, you have a company that is invested in your success and has financial interest in ensuring you do well. Money can be a powerful motivator. When you do well, they do well. The franchiser plays a pivotal role in guiding and advising you through all the learnings and challenges that come with opening a business. They have first-hand experience to help ease your worries. You are not alone.
  3. What’s trending? How do your methods and materials stay relevant? It’s simple. Ask the franchiser. With a built-in marketing adviser/franchiser, a commercial cleaning franchise can remain current in an industry that is constantly evolving. Communication is key and you have a direct line to the people who have been utilizing the same tools and process and making profit at it for years. Who you know means you are “in” the know and are–“in” the cash flow!

What Clean is Worth to You

If you desire to be a part of team that is focused on achieving success, Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems is here! Do you desire a mentor to guide you towards those seemingly impossible financial milestones? Is a relationship founded on attaining mutual goals the right fit for you? If you appreciate the invaluable benefit of a mentor, a guide, and yet thrill at the independence of owning your own small business provides, contact Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems today. Click here and let the cleaning experts share their unique insight to better your future!

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