How to Start an Office Cleaning Business

how to start an office cleaning business

How to Get Started in Commercial Cleaning

Are you considering going into business for yourself but not sure what small business would give you the greatest chance at success? There are a number of reasons that you should consider a commercial cleaning business. Office cleaning is often outsourced to commercial cleaning companies, which means there is a constant need for the service. That means opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

As with all small businesses, there are pros and cons. The best way to set yourself up for success when you are starting a business is to do research so that you can make smart business decisions. It will also let you tailor your strategy to achieve success.

Decide What Your Business Is

It’s not enough to decide that you’d like to start a cleaning business. You need to be more specific. What sort of services does your business offer? Will you provide regular daily cleaning, deep cleaning, special services like fabric and upholstery cleaning, exterior cleaning, residential cleaning, or office cleaning?

Who will your target market be? If you are focusing exclusively on office cleaning, you should focus exclusively on business owners. However, if you are thinking about offering residential services as well, you will want to include homeowners in your targeted marketing.

Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan in detail for your commercial cleaning business ensures you don’t miss anything along the way. Writing a solid business plan is also an important part of being able to secure financing for your small business.

After you’ve defined what your business is, consider what will make you unique to your target market, such as pricing, service, eco-friendly cleaning products, and so on. The way to determine your value proposition is to do thorough market research, looking at your customer base and competitive analysis.

As part of your business plan, include marketing activities that you will use to target local business. Include digital and traditional marketing activities based on your market research.

Decide how much staff you need to hire at the outset and what your plans for growth are in the future.

Determine what your pricing structure will be. Make sure you price yourself competitively but not out of the market. Consider value-adds to help you win longer-term cleaning contracts.

Decide on a business name that reflects your mission statement and value proposition.

Set a detailed budget for the short and medium-term to determine what you can afford to spend.

Register Your Business

Once you’ve established your business and its plan, you need to register it for tax purposes. Depending on what province you are in and the size of the business, you have choices as to whether or not you register it as a corporation, as a sole proprietorship, or as a partnership.

Protect Your Business

You must protect your business with business insurance. Given the nature of cleaning services, it is very possible that you might have accidents or cause damage. Heavy equipment and corrosive agents are used during cleaning jobs, which can result in damage.

That is why you need to ensure that you’ve got proper business insurance to protect your business, and yourself. Of particular importance is liability insurance. Make sure your coverage is accurate and extensive. 

Hire Staff

Once you’ve got the ball rolling with your commercial cleaning business, the next step is to hire your staff. Determine what your immediate human resource requirements will be. Do research on what a fair hourly rate is in your area for the nature of the work.

Providing cleaning services is hard but rewarding work. Seek employees who are detail-oriented, professional, take pride in their work, have good time management skills, and of course, who come with verifiable references and expertise.

Franchise Options

When you are starting an office cleaning business, you can choose to be an independent business owner, or you can choose to investigate franchise options. 

One of the benefits of joining a commercial cleaning franchise is that it is a turnkey business. For franchise and/or royalty fees, you have access to things like marketing and staff support, brand recognition, assistance securing financing, and more.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

As a commercial cleaner, you’ll need to source high-quality cleaning supplies at a good price. You’ll also need to purchase or lease equipment too. Determine what your needs are and shop around.

The key to success when starting an office cleaning business is to set a process-driven strategy and to follow the steps.

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