How To Start An Office Cleaning Business In Canada

So, you’ve decided to start an office cleaning business in Canada – now what?


As an international franchise cleaning company, we know a thing or two about starting an office cleaning business in Canada. If you’re thinking about getting started on your own office cleaning business, here’s where we recommend that you start.

1 – Create a Business Plan


Your office cleaning business plan should include your strategies and forecasts for a variety of elements of business, including:


  • Your unique value proposition
  • Defined consumer niche
  • Types of services offered
  • Budget, including both expenses and income
  • Offline and online marketing


These considerations not only create clarity for you now and as you move forward and begin to make decisions, but it is also crucial for the next step…

2 – Apply for and Acquire Funding


An office cleaning business doesn’t require a large loan in order to begin, but there are some overhead costs that you will require in order to operate, including small legal fees (business license, insurance, etc.) as well as cleaning supplies and equipment. Even marketing can incur costs, such as website hosting and printing costs.


If you do require funding to begin your office cleaning business, a bank will require a business plan for most business loans.

3 – Register, Insure and License Your Business


The legal part of starting an office cleaning business in Canada isn’t the most fun aspect of owning a business, but it is a necessity. You may want to choose to register your business as an LLC or as a sole proprietor, but there are limitations to all options that you will want to explore for your specific situation and business plan.


In addition, you would benefit from looking into the Canada Business Network to find the licenses required by your province as an office cleaning business in Canada. In some cases, specific permits are required for cleaning chemicals. There are sometimes provincial expectations around environmentally conscious cleaning supplies.

4 – Purchase Supplies and Equipment


Of course, you can’t offer cleaning services without the proper tools. Here are some of the basic supplies you will need:


  • Cleaning uniform or apron with practical elements like pockets to hold supplies
  • Window and All-purpose cleaner
  • Cloths
  • Vacuum, mop, and broom
  • Gloves
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Duster
  • Sponge
  • Disinfectants


When you are stocking up on supplies, make sure to keep a record of all your purchases. This is not only essential to accounting and expenses, but it will help you work in your hard costs into your pricing model.

5 – Set Your Rates


Of course, a business isn’t really a business without revenue. When you are researching how to start an office cleaning business, one step that you will inevitably come across is to set your rates and create a pricing model.


It’s important to keep in mind what your competitors are charging, but don’t jump to the conclusion that you have to undercut the competition. Once you have an idea of the standard range of office cleaning services, it’s time to breakdown all your hard costs and come to a number that will leave you with a profit. Some items to factor in are:


  • Business admin costs, such as an accountant or billing software
  • Your hours spent on marketing and operations
  • Staffing costs
  • Supplies, materials and travel costs


When developing your model, you may want to consider a tiered service model, allowing customers to choose different services based on their needs and budget, giving you access to a wider customer base.

6 – Build Your Team


They say it takes money to make money. While it can seem daunting to begin to hire staff, if done with patience and intention, more of the right staff can actually expand your business and increase your revenue.


More staff means that you have a larger capacity for fulfilling customer requests, so you can expand your client base and your cleaning services!

The Roadmap To Starting An Office Cleaning Business


Getting inspired is one thing, but now it’s time to put that inspiration into action! Rather than starting completely from scratch, choosing to become a franchise owner with JAN-PRO allows you to start right away, without the need to outline a business plan and source all your customers on your own. Our franchise opportunities give you the benefits of owning a business like making your own hours and being your own boss, with less risk than starting out on your own.


To learn more about becoming a franchise owner with JAN-PRO, contact us online or by calling 1-888-724-1906.

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