How to Start a Floor Cleaning Business

Canada has a solid history of hosting some of the most profitable franchises, and in fact, it is home to the second largest franchise industry next to the U.S. Currently, there are about 76,000 franchised outlets here in Canada – about one per every 450 Canadians.

Whether your focus is a carpet cleaning business or you want to join the ranks of successful floor cleaning companies in the country, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of business opportunities in franchising to be had. B2B cleaning services are the best way to start out, if nothing else just because they are always in demand. Cleaning is one of the easiest industries to start, in part because it usually does not require a ton of overhead.


Are you thinking of starting a cleaning company? Here are some tips for starting a cleaning business.


Franchising Basics

Operating a franchise is a good option for newer business owners or people new to a particular industry because it offers the chance to get to know a business while already having some rules and guidelines in place. Another significant benefit is that the intensive branding and marketing that is so often a major part of building a business from the ground up is already done – people already know the brand and need the service, so all you have to do is open and advertise.


Most franchises can cost anywhere from $25,000 and up, depending on how well-established the brand is. However, there are some low-cost options available for a few thousand dollars. You can expect to pay extra for equipment, training, professional fees, and other expenses related to the franchise, if they’re not already included in the franchise fees.  


Starting your own business means that you will have to find clients. You do this by developing relationships with companies that may have contracting or subcontracting opportunities. Eventually, you will want to have people like this on your mail list as you focus on promotional and awareness activities, many of which you can do via email.   


What’s Involved in Floor Cleaning?


Cleaning companies will do a whole range of things from carpet and surface care to stripping and waxing floors to sanitizing bathroom areas, as well as general cleaning such as dusting and changing the garbage.


There will always be a demand for professional cleaning companies, and if you want to differentiate your services, you may want to choose one area to focus on with your franchise such as floor cleaning services. You may consider offering specialty services like:


  • Specialized cleaning based on the type of flooring
  • High-end protectant, sealant and cleaning solutions
  • Technical equipment like buffing machines to smooth out floors and remove scuff marks


Starting a Floor Cleaning Business


Industrial floor cleaning involves a lot of knowledge, so do your research and find work in the field if you don’t already have hands-on experience.  


Create a list of the services you’ll be able to offer. You can build this list over time as you obtain different equipment, but bear in mind that you should have the equipment for pressure washing, buffing, and refinishing at the outset, if possible, as you will be able to earn more revenue.


You’ll want to include all of this in a business plan, which will help you find a franchisor as well as a business loan. Don’t forget to get liability insurance in case of damage and injuries.  


The initial investment will need to cover things like:

  • Industrial mops
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Refinishing and buffing machines
  • Carpet cleaners
  • Specialized cleaning solutions
  • Buckets
  • Waxing machines
  • Vehicles

You’ll have to figure out which services are supported by your franchiser and what you can focus on before purchasing equipment. You’ll also want to do some thorough market research to get a better understanding of the competition, and what types of services are in high-demand.  

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