How to Make a Cleaning Business Successful

Sure-Fire Tips on Building a Successful Cleaning Business

All small businesses require cleaning. However, most business owners don’t have the time, training, or inclination to clean their offices themselves. That’s why starting a cleaning business can be very profitable.

A successful cleaning business doesn’t just happen on its own, though. You need to give that good idea life through strategy in order to make your mark in the cleaning industry. Here are the steps to take to start your business the right way and help it to grow.

Find Your Niche

To start, do heavy research into your local cleaning industry. What types of janitorial services or commercial cleaning companies already exist? Spend time looking online at reviews and talk to local businesses owners. What sort of cleaning service is most successful? Is there a type of cleaning service that doesn’t exist or isn’t fully serviced in your local marketplace?

Look at things like carpet cleaning, industrial cleaning, deep cleaning, restoration cleaning and daily cleaning.

It’s smart to either find a niche that isn’t being overly served and focus on filling that need. If you realize that there is already competition in the type of cleaning service that you intend to offer, that is okay as well. You just need to develop a detailed plan to have your cleaning company stand out against the competition. That usually comes down to pricing, perceived value, and excellent customer service.


Having a sound marketing plan is important in order to help you find and secure new business. In the digital age, an online marketing plan is essential. Develop a social media strategy that is catchy and relevant. Research your target market. What social media channels do they frequent the most?

How about having an app? That is a job you could outsource. Having an app increases your digital presence and also offers convenience to your customers.

Pay attention to your website. These days, before consumers make any kind of purchase or service decision, they head online to look at their options. It’s smart to ensure that your website is near the top of Google’s rankings in order to get traffic that could turn into leads.

Learn about how to improve your position online by including things like blogs, testimonials, updated content, and relevant links embedded in your site.

Offline marketing activities are important as well, like cold calling, mail campaigns, door-to-door flyers, and coupons. These activities can be very effective for small businesses.


Commercial cleaning and janitorial services are very much relationship-based, so networking and establishing those relationships are important when starting a cleaning business. Attend community events where you’ll get face-time with local businesses. When people meet you and learn about your business, they are more inclined to trust you and work with you. 

Find Creative Ways to Grow Your Business

Where else might you find new business? How about joining local associations or establishing relationships with real estate professionals? They have an ongoing need for commercial cleaning, which means that having a relationship and a reputation among real estate professionals could build up business in your pipeline. Target builders as well, as they have the same sort of requirements.

Focus on Referrals

To have a successful cleaning business, you should rely on word-of-mouth to help drum up new business. This can be accomplished by encouraging referrals from existing clients. You can build a referral program by offering a discount or free cleaning services to any client who successfully refers new business.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and testimonials. This kind of word-of-mouth validates your commercial cleaning company. Target the right customers at the right time (i.e., satisfied clients at the end of a job well done).

Superior Cleaning Staff

In order to have a successful cleaning business, you must have the right people working for you. It’s smart to hire employees that you can have over the long term. They are important in building those relationships with clients.

Good cleaning staff members are organized, reliable, effective communicators, and take pride in their work. They also have the proper training to use cleaning equipment and high-powered cleaning agents.

High-Quality Equipment and Products

Don’t cut corners when it comes to choosing cleaning products and equipment. Equipment can be costly when you start out, but the quality of your equipment and products will be reflected in the quality of your work.

Follow this process, and you will be well on your way to building a successful commercial cleaning or janitorial services company.

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