How To Expand A Commercial Cleaning Business

Growing your customer network and, therefore, your business can seem like the hardest task in your business. With a continuous need to grow and acquire new customers, you can find yourself wading through a sea of marketing and business advice without a solid place to start.


At JAN-PRO, we believe that cleaning business owners can implement a number of tactics that will work towards an expanded, successful business.

Tip 1: Niche Down or Expand Your Services


Even though these concepts are contradictory, they are indicative of the simple fact that your need for growth is your chance to take a hard look at your business to examine whether you’re offering too much or not enough.


If you find that one cleaning service that you offer brings in the most business while the other services take away opportunities for your more lucrative services, it might be time to embrace your best services and leave the rest.


On the other hand, if you only offer a few services and, from experience talking with your customers, have found that other services could be of great use to people, that’s an option worth exploring.


Yes, you may have been looking for a clear-cut answer for growth but that’s the beauty of owning your own business! Nothing is written in stone and experimentation can be a great exercise for growth.

Tip 2: Implement Marketing and Customer Referral Programs


Nothing is more powerful in marketing than word-of-mouth, even in today’s world of social media and online marketing. When you have a satisfied customer, it’s important to maximize their experience! The easiest way to expand a commercial cleaning business is through a customer referral program. Similarly to referral programs, encourage your satisfied customers to write reviews about you online and write testimonials to publish on your website. 


Another in-person marketing tactic is participating in community events and tradeshows. In order to make the most tangible connections with potential customers in these scenarios is to gather phone numbers and email addresses. With this information, you will be able to reach out to prospective customers to have one-on-one conversations regarding their needs, giving you an opportunity to chat about the benefits that your commercial cleaning services can provide.


Of course, in today’s marketplace, it’s important that you have an online presence. Whether you do this yourself, or with the help of others, your website, social media and online reviews are all important. 


Tip 3: Partner with Local Businesses


Many customers in your community will respond to obvious collaborations with other businesses. Not only will partnerships simply spread the word about your business on other channels, but it also promotes goodwill about your services and offers a great opportunity to expand your commercial cleaning business.


For example, you could partner with a local business that offers related services, such as housesitting, dog walking or landscaping. Really, any business that customers choose to outsource their daily chores and home maintenance is a great way to expand the reach of your commercial cleaning business.

Tip 4: Prioritize Your Business, Always


If you’ve been in business for a while, you know that there are busy times and there are slow times. It can be easy to forget about expanding your commercial cleaning business when you’re busy and have almost too much work and not enough time and staff. But it’s important to remember that marketing and prospecting clients takes time and is a long-game. When your business enters a slow season, it is often too late to begin looking for new commercial cleaning clients. Instead, focus on consistent marketing, delivering exceptional customer service and setting new stretch goals for your commercial cleaning business.

Starting a Cleaning Business


If you’re researching ways to expand a commercial cleaning business because you’re in the beginning stages of starting a cleaning business, know that becoming a business owner doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of starting right from scratch, take out some of the daunting unknowns by becoming a JAN-PRO franchisee! As a franchise owner, you are offered accounts and provided with back-end office support, such as the marketing and sales work mentioned above.


To learn more about becoming your own boss and a JAN-PRO franchisee, contact us here or call us for more information at 1-888-724-1906. 


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