How Much Does a Cleaning Franchise Cost?

Learn How to Identify the Best Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

If you are thinking of starting a business, starting a cleaning company is a great idea. Not only is there always a need for residential cleaning and commercial cleaning, but it is also the type of job that people are very happy to outsource. This need makes it a growth industry. In fact, according to Allied Market Research, the cleaning industry is expected to grow to $74.299 million annually by 2022.

So, what is the best way to tap into these business opportunities? You could strike out on your own and establish your own cleaning business. However, this approach comes with a lot of risks. Buying into a commercial cleaning franchise comes with a lot of benefits to small business owners.

A franchise owner will be able to build equity in their business over time, which will go far to assist with profitability, with lower risk than opening up a small business on their own.

To make the best decision to suit your business goals, it is wise to understand franchise costs and franchise fees at the outset.

Learning About Cleaning Franchises

Cleaning franchises offer an array of cleaning services, which can include dry-cleaning and fabric care, home cleaning services, office or industrial cleaning services, carpet cleaning, restoration cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more. The franchise that you are considering may offer all or some of these cleaning services.

Franchise Costs

It can be helpful to understand how franchise costs operate in order to properly evaluate franchise opportunities. 

Most franchises require an initial investment from the franchisee upon purchase. The franchise fees will continue after that initial investment to include royalty fees. 

Depending on the franchise and on its profitability, franchisees generally pay the franchisor a percentage of their profits as royalty fees on an ongoing basis.

Franchisors are required to disclose all of this information, including franchise fees, initial investment, royalty fees, along with what the franchisee receives in return for these fees in their Franchise Disclosure Document. (FDD). It is advisable to review the FDD in detail before signing it and getting a legal opinion as well.

You get a lot of benefits with a franchise, and those fees allow you to buy into a turn-key business, lowering your overall risk as you start your business. 

When determining which cleaning franchise to purchase, project your costs over the next 30 years, along with the forecasted growth and profits.

Other Costs

Franchisors generally have to take on other costs when opening up a cleaning franchise that would be similar to running a small business outside a franchise, such as insurance, equipment, products, taxes, office supplies, and professional fees (i.e., legal fees).

Buying a commercial cleaning franchise is a great way to get going when starting a cleaning business. You benefit from brand recognition, systems support, and marketing strategies.  

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