How Do I Get a License for a Cleaning Business?

Have you ever thought about running your own business?


Owning and operating a company can be very rewarding and offer many benefits. You can work from home, determine your own hours, and choose the amount that you are going to work.


If you’ve become a new business owner or you’re new to the Canadian business landscape, you may want to consider opening a franchise. Cleaning franchises can be good starting points because there is always demand and they are relatively straightforward to operate. Overhead costs are typically on the low end, and you can work from home.


But before you make any moves, you’ll have to get a business license. Read on to learn more about this.


How to Get a Business License


If you’re starting your own professional cleaning or janitorial business, you will have to first look into obtaining a business license.


Getting a business license in Canada involves several steps, which will vary between cities and provinces. You may also need to get more than one type of license or get licenses from more than one level of government. You’ll need to learn about the different acts and regulations in your area before applying to get a license as well.  


Typically starting your research and inquiries at the municipal level is the best thing to do, then you can check with these administrators about whether any other levels of government need to be contacted.


Here are a few steps you’ll have to cover:


  1. Check with your municipal government to see what the process is and also to review appropriate acts and regulations
  2. Check with your bank to ask about financing and business accounts
  3. Check with insurance companies about insurance and bonds
  4. Apply for your business license


Bonds & Insurance


Cleaning and janitorial services should be bonded and insured to demonstrate that you will cover any damage incurred. You’ll also want to be protected in the case of employees who get injured on the job.


Being bonded also helps to ensure trust between you and your clients. It will protect you in the unfortunate event if an employee is caught stealing. Bonding may not be a requirement, but it is a good idea if you want to stay competitive in the marketplace and to that end, it makes for a useful marketing tool.


Cleaning Business License Cost


A business permit is the equivalent to getting incorporated, and costs vary from province to province. Not getting a business license can lead to fines or worse, and claiming ignorance may not help. It falls on you to do your due diligence and cover all the required regulations before starting your business. Check out Canada Business permits and licenses search to get started.  


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