How Do Cleaning Franchises Work?

Commercial Cleaning Franchise 101

Are you thinking of starting a cleaning company? One approach is to buy a cleaning franchise. Cleaning franchises and janitorial franchises offer unique opportunities to gain a foothold in the marketplace more quickly. However, there is a lot to consider when buying a commercial cleaning franchise.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a summary of how cleaning franchises work, as well as some of the benefits of jumping on board.

Franchise Fees

Usually, at the signing of a franchise agreement, a franchisee will be required to pay the franchisor a fee. That initial investment fee can vary quite a bit depending on the company, but remember it is an investment into a turnkey business with a number of benefits that you’ll realize quite quickly.

Franchise fees are generally less expensive than the overhead required to start a cleaning business on your own.

In addition to the initial investment, the franchisee usually has to pay the franchisor royalty fees on an ongoing, predetermined basis. Not all franchises charge royalty fees, but they are usually based on the number of sales you generate and the level of support that you are receiving from the franchisor.

Support That You Can Count On

As part of the franchise fee, franchise owners will receive a great deal of support from the franchisor. For example, they will receive assistance with things like training, equipment needed to succeed, and can even start to provide you with customers. They already have a tried-and-true business model in place, which you can access right at the beginning of your operations.

Franchisees can also expect help with training for employees and guidance on hiring and staff retention, if that applies to your business. In some cases, support staff might be supplied as well, a bonus for small business owners. That may mean anything from administrative support, sales and more.


Franchise owners also get support with marketing and advertising. That is especially important when it comes to your digital marketing, such as your website presence because that is where a number of daily leads will come from. This is crucial to take your business from a start-up to a profitable business. 

Franchise owners also benefit from bulk ordering on supplies and equipment, which present significant cost savings. 

Brand Recognition

One of the major benefits of buying a cleaning franchise is leveraging the existing branding. Prospective clients will easily recognize things like the company’s name, logo, and other marketing material. The prominence of a brand can easily translate into business, without you having to do additional work.

Branding with a commercial cleaning franchise quickly builds customer trust, which lets you tap into a loyal customer base right from day one. That will help you to find and keep cleaning accounts.

You’re Part of a Community

Being a small business owner can be immensely rewarding because you are your own boss. Another thing that comes along with being a franchise owner is that you are instantly part of a business community that you can turn to for help. You can get to know other franchise owners and learn from their best practices as you chart your course towards your cleaning company’s success.

Be Your Own Boss the Right Way

While being an entrepreneur may be your calling, you may not possess all of the skills needed to really grow a small business to become profitable. It can be hard to outsource for skills that you are lacking. Another one of the benefits of buying a franchise is that you can focus on what you are good at in the business and then rely on the support of the franchise to fill those gaps. A franchisor provides the right kind of support when you need it.

The key to success in starting your cleaning business is to do your research and find a business model that aligns with your needs and goals. It also is about being able to recognize opportunities when they arise. Buying a commercial cleaning franchise is one of those opportunities with a lot of upsides.

If you’re interested in learning more about starting a commercial cleaning franchise with JAN-PRO, you can find more information here.

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