How Commercial Cleaning Companies are Innovating

With commercial cleaning, innovation is essential. The cleaning industry is modernizing and changing its ways to accommodate the changing workforce. Better cleaning solutions, technology, equipment, and services are being offered to improve the efficiency and accuracy of how workspaces are being cleaned. Additionally, cleaning services are offering better scheduling and hours to ensure that companies with unique hours of operation can get the services they need.


JAN-PRO is continually evaluating and improving their services and delivering them at cost-effective prices. Services are also being expanded to include businesses and organizations in a variety of industries. Continue reading below to better understand how commercial cleaning innovation can benefit you.

More Than Just Office Cleaning

When people hear of a commercial cleaning company, they often believe that the services offered are restricted to just one industry. For many, they assume that only typical office buildings are served in the cleaning industry. But that is not true. Commercial cleaning is evolving as quickly as other industries. Cleaning services are being extended to involve many other firms and businesses. The reality is, not everyone works in an office. Other companies also require valuable cleaning services.


JAN-PRO’s ever-growing list of cleaning services is an excellent example of commercial cleaning innovation. JAN-PRO services have evolved to include industrial, healthcare and dental, recreational and leisure, restaurant and pub, spa and beauty, as well as retail and school environments. Residential building services are also being offered. JAN-PRO is a leader in the commercial cleaning sector because it listens to the needs of its customers and expands its services to fill in the gaps in its industry.  

Utilization of Modern Technologies & Cleaning Solutions  


Modern Technologies

As a cleaning company that adheres to numerous industries, JAN-PRO uses advanced technologies and tools to assist with daily operations. For instance, JAN-PRO uses industry-leading cleaning technology and solutions in addition to manual cleaning. These advancements in commercial cleaning innovation enable JAN-PRO to deliver a superior clean every time.

Green Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning companies remain innovative by paying attention to shifts in the market and customer requests. The demand for environmentally friendly solutions is what has encouraged green cleaning. Less harsh cleaning products and actions are used in every service to ensure that companies receive a great clean but not at the expense of the environment. These modernized offerings ensure that services remain in-sync with the ever-changing standards in the industry and the conservation of the natural environment.

Customer Transparency & Realistic Scheduling

Cost-Effective Cleaning Services

JAN-PRO understands that all businesses have a budget. Whether a small business or large organization, costs must be outlined. With this in mind, JAN-PRO ensures that clients receive a breakdown of the expenses associated with professional cleaning services.

Before anything is offered, a dependable quote is provided to help companies understand all of the services, and fees, that are available to them. This transparency is vital in a market that is continuously changing. It builds trust with clients and ensures that JAN-PRO remains cost-effective, upfront, and truthful as they appeal to clients.

Realistic Scheduling

Every business has distinctive hours of operation. Some are open during regular business hours such as 9 am to 5 pm, whereas others are accessible outside of traditional timeframes. For example, facilities like gyms can be open 24 hours. Regardless of your hours of operation, JAN-PRO is committed to creating a cleaning period that is effective and conducive to all operational business hours.


JAN-PRO is dedicated to customer service. Better scheduling is an innovative approach that enables businesses to receive a good cleaning at a time that’s convenient for them. This practice also ensures that all businesses benefit from a professional cleaning service and are not limited based on their operating hours.


Commercial Cleaning Innovation is Pivotal in the Industry

As a leader in the cleaning industry, JAN-PRO is persistently finding ways to improve. In an effort to evolve, this company is always seeking out current information and details regarding changes in the industry, whether that’s products, techniques, customer needs or other trends. Learning about recent technologies and practices is what helps to keep JAN-PRO ahead.

JAN-PRO understands that the business world is constantly changing and like any other company, a commercial cleaning business must also do the same. Offering inclusive services that are accessible to diverse industries is essential. It helps to expand the company’s scope and provide services that answer all needs.

For more information on the extended services JAN-PRO offers in addition to commercial cleaning, contact us. One of our commercial cleaning representatives will be happy to assist.   

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