Fundamentals of a Successful Cleaning Franchise

Starting your cleaning franchise is an exciting time. There are many decisions to be made early on, and it can be overwhelming to be making these choices. Though, as a new franchise owner, you have a lot of support and a strong framework to support you as you start your business.

Still, it’s easy to make decisions in the early days that impede your success later on. To start a successful cleaning franchise, we suggest you consider these fundamentals before you lift a single broom handle.

Learn the Parent’s Principles

The advantage of choosing a cleaning franchise over starting independently is that you already have a successful business model at your fingertips. Learning the principles that have made the parent company and its other franchises successful will be key to your success.

Things to pay extra attention to include supplies, equipment, and any proprietary cleaning strategies that the company outlines for you. You’ll, of course, also want to be familiar with how the parent company suggests you interact with clients, estimate or price your services, and what fees you owe to the parent before you get started with your first customer.

Hiring and Training

You may be looking forward to hiring your team members, but do not leap out of the gate and get a large staff. You need to keep staff members busy to justify their pay, and when you’re first starting out you will likely not have enough customers to justify a large staff.

Plus, consider that you’ll want to do a lot more work at the start of your franchise than you will later on when it’s stable. This is partly about keeping costs low but also about making sure everyone in the business is following your instructions, working together. You will also want to ensure your customers have a direct line of communication to you if they need you.

That said, once you’re ready to hire staff, be careful about it. Your first few employees will help you set the tone and culture of your business. You want people who are dedicated to learning your processes and your business, instead of working as they have before (assuming they have cleaning experience). You also want to try to choose potential leaders for your first few employees, as they’ll be able to help you onboard more people smoothly as your franchise expands.

Especially in the beginning, training new staff and updating the training of existing staff is very important. Thankfully as a franchise, much of your training needs and cleaning processes will already be defined. There shouldn’t be much need for retraining unless the parent company dramatically changes your process. However, spend extra time on those initial training sessions as the skill of your staff is going to make or break your reputation.

Focus on Repeat Business

To start your franchise, you may purchase or receive accounts from your parent company. That will save you the hassle of finding your initial customers, which is often the hardest part of starting your own business. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming those clients will stay with you based simply because of the franchising company. That business, like any other. Can still be lost, so focus on providing great customer service and going above and beyond in your cleaning duties.

Focus on keeping those clients and generating good word of mouth. After you’ve had some experience with them you can ask for their testimonial or review of your services, which you can then use to bolster your business.

At first, these initial customers may spread the word of your business to others they know in their industry. If you start off with some clients who own apartment buildings, they may tell other landlords about you, and as a result, you may develop a specialty of working with rental properties. That can be a good thing. You can branch out later, as you develop a more secure base of clients.

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