Best Franchise Opportunities In Canada

With a quick search on the web, you’ll find lots of listings claiming to feature the best franchises in Canada. The more pertinent question is, however, how do these websites determine what the best franchises are?

A franchise opportunity that seems ideal for one person may be absolutely wrong for another. Let’s examine some of the most common factors to evaluate a franchise opportunity.

Size And Growth

Most online listings of top franchises in Canada available rank them by the number of franchisees, or units, they currently have. To be sure, having a great number of franchisees currently operating is a good indicator of a business model that is working well.

Perhaps even more telling is the kind of growth that the franchise has been experiencing in recent years. If the number of franchisees that have ceased operations is increasing faster than those starting up, it should set off some alarm bells. It could lead one to wonder if the business model has become flawed or if the market for its services or products is declining.

Initial Investment

The entry fee to start a new franchise can vary greatly. The initial cost of purchasing a franchise can run from a few thousand dollars to multiple millions. While their potential to generate revenue may also vary greatly, the higher price tag of some of the best-known franchise opportunities places them beyond the reach of many budding entrepreneurs.

In addition to the franchise purchase price, one must consider real estate costs, inventory costs, staffing requirements, and other ancillary costs.

Training And Support Programs

All too often, this element is overlooked when evaluating potential franchise opportunities. However, if new franchisees are cut adrift without adequate training and support from the franchisor, their chances of encountering costly mistakes and failure are much greater.


Chances are, the best franchise opportunity for you will be one that operates in a field in which you have some experience or expertise. At the very least, you should have an interest in it as well as a willingness to learn.

Some franchise opportunities require you to have a special degree or training. These include tax preparation businesses, drug stores, and auto repair shops.

The Advantages Of A Professional Cleaning Franchise

Professional commercial cleaning franchises, like JAN-PRO, have several advantages that are attractive to many people. They have a comparatively low initial investment cost; they require no special skills, and, in many cases, they can be operated from a home-based office.

Entrepreneur Magazine has ranked JAN-PRO the fastest growing franchise three years in a row. It’s also listed among its top franchise opportunities for less than $100,000. Visit to find out if JAN-PRO is right for you!


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