3 Ways Getting an Office Cleaning Business Started Is Easier Than You Think

Franchising is an interesting business model that makes getting a business started and off the ground, easier than starting one on your own. A cleaning business specifically is less complicated and less expensive than you think. It is important to approach the idea of opening your own cleaning franchise with an open mind. Discard everything you think you know about the process, because times have changed and franchisors now offer franchisees all kinds of financing arrangements, special training and state of the art equipment that guarantees customer satisfaction and keeps up with technology.

If you have been asking yourself the question,“Is a franchising business easy?” then you might want to investigate these 3 easy ways of getting a cleaning franchise off of the ground.

1 – Buying Into a Franchise Business is Cheaper Than You Think

Many people don’t even investigate the possibility of running their own franchise business because they truly believe the cost is going to be prohibitive, and this is not necessarily true. Not every franchise system is like a McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s of the world. There are many that have different investment levels available. Always do the research to find out what the initial investment is as it may be a lot less than you think. Sometimes franchise businesses also offer some financing options.

2 – As the Population Grows, So Do Available Contracts

Cleaning businesses thrive just about anywhere simply because the world is experiencing such rapid population growth. The hotels, restaurants, spas, stores, salons, schools, offices, yoga studios and warehouses are all used by these people and the buildings with these facilities need to be regularly cleaned. This is a business that by its very nature, generates new customers and more income all by itself. Another plus is that your cleaning business is run under the branding of an already well-trusted cleaning brand.

3 – You Don’t Need to Know A Thing About The Cleaning Business

Really solid franchise opportunities will offer you training in delivering a system of branded processes that ensure the quality and consistency of the service you offer your potential customers. Franchisees are also offered rigorous, intensive training in the technology and equipment that you need to run the business. Some companies may also offer training in more specialized work, such as floor work, which can augment the income of your business.

You will also be trained in all of the legalities and protocol associated with being under the corporate brand of a well-known international company. Having a proven and trusted name behind you will make the process of getting new customers much easier.

Are you ready to explore the possibility of being the operator of your own reputable, lucrative cleaning business? JAN-PRO offers a solid opportunity to open a cleaning business that is nearly recession proof and consistently attracts repeat customers. If you want to know how you could be running your own cleaning business by next year than please investigate the franchise opportunities at www.jan-pro.ca/why- choose-a- jan-pro-franchise/ to see for yourself why franchising is easier than you expected.

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