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How to make more by owning an efficient business

If you’ve ever tried starting a business, then one of the first things you realize is the sheer amount of work involved in just the set-up process itself – not to mention the upkeep, customer acquisition and payroll issues. In the following, you’ll see how to maximize the return on your efforts, and why owning a business is one…
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The 7 qualities of being a business owner

A successful business owner needs to have several personal qualities (on top of courage), in order to help an idea grow. Strength comes in many forms and it’s often determined by character. Here are seven essential characteristics that potential business owners should possess. Decisiveness With so many options to choose from, in…
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You don’t have to be a big corporation to have a great successful business

Building your company into a successful business does not require a massive budget, nor even a very complex business model. It simply requires focus and solid systems that can operate without too much overseeing. The Babysitter Effect Often managers and owners believe that in order to have their company be successful, they have …
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The benefits of investing in a commercial cleaning franchise

As an entrepreneur, you may well have enough drive, vision, and creativity to pursue nearly any viable business opportunity. The fact is, however, that all of us have only a limited amount of investment capital and financing, and it is up to each of us to invest it in the wisest way possible. You will want to determine which in…
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Top 5 things you should ask the franchisor before making a decision

  Buying a franchise is a solid investment in your future. It is an opportunity to chart your own course and to enjoy the rewards that can come with it. It is not a get rich scheme, nor is it an opportunity to slack off and slide by. Opening a franchise requires long-term dedication and effort in order to achieve success. T…
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Family First Scholarship Program!

Congratulations to all recipients who received a grant from Jan-Pro’s Family First Scholarship Program. All franchisees children or grandchildren are eligible to apply for a scholarship valued at a minimum of $1,000. We were proud to grant, for the first time in Canada, scholarships of $1,000 each to 4 students: –Jih…
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Top 5 reasons why a franchise allows you to work from home

Work from home jobs have been increasing in recent years, partly due to the influence of the Internet but also because of the cost savings and reduced carbon footprint that businesses achieve by reducing the percentage of their employees who need to commute and take up limited office space. Franchisees in particular are often ab…
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Starting a Business is neither easier nor harder than Franchising

  Both franchising and starting a business have their own perks. Many people who want to own a business study both methods of getting started to determine whether or not an existing franchise system can help them get off the ground or not. However, there are also certain downsides to both paths which can impact whether star…
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How to succeed as a franchisee

  Buying a franchise is a fantastic way to open a business and begin charting your own career path. It is not a ticket towards an “easy life.” Like any business, becoming a franchisee requires skill, effort, and determination in order to be successful. The more you plan, and the harder you work, the greater the …
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Is franchising a fit for you?

  Do you crave financial freedom and job security? Becoming a cleaning services franchisee may fulfill that desire. Established business owners understand the benefits being your own boss means for your personal well-being. Out of a variety of occupational groups, business owners are the group found to be the most contented…
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