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JAN-PRO rescued me from mediocre service

"The cleaner that came with our commercial space lease did a terrible job. They started off doing a good job but then slacked off. Why? When the landlord offers it as part of the lease, it is not a high priority. JAN-PRO is good because cleaning is their business and their number one priority. Buying from them was easy and they are delight to deal with from the way they speak to me and job they do. They are the last cleaner I will ever hire"

- Operations Manager, Healthcare Company, Calgary, Alberta

Safety, security, and a measurable process make all the difference

"When we moved into a building and upgraded our security system, we realized quickly that a cleaner that was bonded and insured would be the only way to go. When I looked at my options for commercial cleaning services, they all looked the same to me but the way JAN-PRO approached the sales made them stand out. You realized quickly you were buying a process that could be reviewed and evaluated and if you didn’t like the results, it could be addressed right away. There are lots of choices in the market but JAN-PRO is the last cleaner I will ever hire."

- HR Manager, Media Company, Toronto, Ontario

Don’t pay for labour hours, pay for the job

"Before hiring JAN-PRO, we had an independent cleaner and nothing was clean. When conducted a weekend inspection, we discovered we were paying for the hours but no one was doing the work. JAN-PRO made a good impression from the beginning. They provided a good proposal outlining what they would do every day, every week and every month and they did it. Hiring a cleaner is not fun but with JAN-PRO we feel like this is the last cleaner we will ever have to hire."

- General Building Manager, Financial Institution, Montreal, Quebec
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