Workplace Slip and Fall Prevention

Employers in every province are responsible for preventing slips and falls in the workplace. Still, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), 42,000 Canadians are injured every year due to fall accidents. Is your slip and fall prevention plan enough to keep your employees and customers safe? We’ll discuss why and how you should focus on removing tripping and fall hazards from your office or other workspace, and how JAN-PRO’s cleaning services can help. After all, according to the CCOHS, good workplace cleaning is the most important aspect of preventing slips, trips or falls.

Why Focus on Slip and Fall Prevention?

Regularly checking up on your slip and fall prevention plan is wise to stay on top of your obligations, keep your employees safe, and protect your business from the negative effects of an accident.

  • Prevent Harm: The human factor is always the most important. Making sure that your workplace is safe, and actively preventing accidents, will help keep employees, customers, and yourself safe in the building.
  • Follow the Law: Ontario’s Occupation Health and Safety Act (OHSA) obligates employers to take every reasonable step they can to protect their employees and educate them about their safety at the workplace. Other provinces have similar regulations. If you don’t follow the law you may face high penalties, inspections, and hassle.
  • Protect Your Business Reputation: If you fail to focus on workplace safety, you may have an accident. The stain of a major accident is hard to remove and will be at the forefront of customers minds. New employees might also be skeptical of working at a company that has seen a recent accident. Most aspects of your business will be more challenging if you’ve recently had an accident.
  • Avoid Financial Costs: Even small slips and falls may cost you. Employees who are injured take time off work. Their time off costs you as you need to pay someone else to handle their work and you need to pay for any benefits they may use while recovering. If you don’t pay for benefits directly, your insurance company may raise rates after you have an accident. These costs can be much more expensive, especially in the long run, than safety prevention measures.

How JAN-PRO Can Help You Prevent Falls

According to CCOHS, good housekeeping is the most important part of preventing falls due to slips and trips. In fact, without proper housekeeping practices such as mopping, sweeping and removing obstacles, safety equipment such as non-slip floors and shoes will not be fully effective. A good clean is the foundation of your slip and fall prevention program.

We will clean all wet or oily surfaces, especially walking surfaces. While spills and wet areas should be cleaned right away for best safety practices, we often find spills that have been overlooked. Sometimes these things take a professional’s eye.

To prevent falls, floors that need to be swept, mopped and buffed need to be done on time. Wet or slippery floors need to have time to dry before employees will be back on them. JAN-PRO makes our commitments and doesn’t delay your cleaning.

We can also help you handle weather hazards. As employees come through your front door with snowy boots, your winter floor mats become a mess. We can clean up these slip hazards. Plus, regular maintenance of floors and winter mats keep them in good condition and protects your investment in them.

Another major cause of trips is wrinkled carpeting, which can happen if your cleaning crew does not take appropriate care when vacuuming the carpet. They might also move around cables into the walkways to clean beneath them and then never put the cables back. Those kinds of thoughtless mistakes don’t happen when JAN-PRO is involved.

The Benefits of Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls with JAN-PRO

You could have your staff do the job of cleaning up, of course. So, why work with professionals?

  • Professional experience: Professionals offer a level of cleaning that your staff can’t provide. We know how to do a complete clean job and find the hidden spots where dirt is hiding. We do it all in less time than it would take your employees with the professional equipment we’ve invested in.
  • Due diligence: In the event that you do suffer a slip, trip or fall accident the fact that you employ professional cleaning services may help you establish that you took reasonable steps to ensure the safety of your staff. We’re a part of your due diligence.
  • Reliable cleaning: When you employ professionals, you don’t have to worry that your cleaning might be overlooked because your staff are busy. No matter what’s going on at work, we’ll fulfill our cleaning schedule.

Enhance your workplace safety plans by choosing JAN-PRO to clean your workplace. Reach out to us today to get started.

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