Winter Workplace Cleaning Checklist for 2020

While people may tend to focus on spring cleaning, we think that cleaning in preparation for the winter months is even more important, at least for businesses. After all, workplace safety may depend on how well you are prepared for people to track in salt, snow and ice.

Plus, as winter arrives humidity drops, and the air becomes much more uncomfortable for employees and customers. Proper cleaning can help reduce this problem and solve many other cold-weather problems before they happen. Use this winter workplace cleaning checklist to get prepared. We’ve included some cleaning tips to make it easier.

Prepare the Workplace Entrance

Your workplace entrance will become a lot more challenging to manage once employees and customers are bringing in salt, snow and ice. In order to make sure you’re prepared, be sure you have the following supplies on hand:

  • Floor mats, secured
  • Wet floor signs
  • Extra absorbent mats for the worst days
  • Dedicated mop and bucket
  • Snow guard on the bottom of the door
  • Snow shovel just outside of the door
  • Salt for the parking lot and walkway up
  • Storage for boots (if employees wear something else for work)

Once the snow arrives, you’ll need to stay vigilant about this area of the property. We suggest this daily routine:

  • Ensure floor mats are dry before employees arrive
  • Place wet floor sign as soon as people begin to arrive
  • Add extra absorbent pads when the mats get overwhelmed
  • Mop the floor as soon as possible after people stop arriving
  • After work hours have ended, wash and dry floor mats

A cleaning company can do this cleaning for you on a daily or weekly basis. Washing up the entrance is key to avoid damage to the floor and mats.

Learn to Remove Salt

Once winter arrives, you may find that salt stains start to grow on your floor or entryway mats. These deposits are hard and crust-like and will wear away at your flooring. Salt may also be hidden in your carpet, creating extra friction when people walk on it and damaging the carpet over time. You can delay floor replacements and mat purchases much longer if you regularly remove salt from the floor. So, how is it done?

Don’t just add water to the floor and expect the salt to go away. It may look better for a moment, but the salt will soon re-crystallize and turn white again. Instead, you need to use a salt neutralizer cleaner. These cleaners have a high pH and will dissolve salt, along with lots of other grime that may be on your floor. But keep in mind, using more product is not the solution to clean floors. Be aware of dilution ratios and the amount of chemical you are using, as using too much chemical can create a haze or streaks on the flooring.

Consider Air Quality

In Canada, cold winter air drastically reduces our humidity, even for indoor air. As a result, people are more susceptible to respiratory tract irritation. Customers and employees with allergies, asthma, and other lung or sinus conditions may be very uncomfortable over winter.

Plus, winter also brings flu season. People don’t venture out as much for lunch, so they spend time eating in close proximity and potentially spreading illnesses. Air quality can help combat this problem, along with regular sanitization of your surfaces, door handles and switches, as well as bathrooms.

By focusing on your air quality, you can make your workplace more comfortable for everyone, boosting productivity. Here’s what you can do to improve your workplace air quality in winter:

  • Vacuum with HEPA filters: Typical vacuums spread a lot of the dust they pick up back into the air. JAN-PRO uses vacuums that are outfitted with HEPA filters so that their exhaust is clean of dust and germs.
  • Find hidden dust: To reduce the amount of dust in your workspace, clean hidden dust on the top of the window frames, mirrors, ceiling fans and more.
  • Clean your air ducts: Air ducts can harbor hidden dust and debris. Cleaning them regularly will help boost your air quality.
  • Use a humidifier: If you have very low humidity, running a humidifier can help keep everyone much more comfortable.

Hire a Professional for Cold Weather Cleaning

It’s faster, simpler and more cost-effective to hire professionals to prepare your workplace for winter. At JAN-PRO Canada we have the professional equipment, such as specialty cleaners and vacuums with HEPA filters, to make your workplace a cleaner, drier and more comfortable place for the winter. Click or call to receive your free commercial cleaning quote today.


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