Winter Office Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Business Spotless

29083977_sAlthough the winter is traditionally a time to bundle up inside, you shouldn’t forget about the effect the cold weather has on your office cleaning practices. Keeping your office cleaned and healthy takes on a much more important role during the winter months. During this time, infectious germs and diseases are easily transferred. If you fail to take proper office cleaning precautions, your entire workforce could be out on sick leave. Instead, you can use the following office cleaning tips to keep your business spotless and your workforce healthy.

The Parking Lot

When it comes to keeping your office and business spotless during the winter months, it all starts in the parking lot. You should work to keep your parking lot as free of as much snow and ice as possible. Whether you actually shovel the snow by hand, contract through a plow service, use a chemical drier, or salt it down, it’s essential for the interior of your business that your exterior is as clean as possible so dirt and debris won’t get tracked in. 

Protect Your Floors

Simply put, dust, salt, and moisture all pose a significant threat to the floors of your business. As customers and employees walk through the exterior slush and snow, this debris very commonly makes its way into your office. Even worse, the remaining moisture can serves as a breeding ground for bacteria and other mold to grow.

As the first line of defense for your business, you should use entrance mats, which will save a significant amount of money and time. The second line of defense is to keep dust, salt, and moisture off of your floors by keeping them swept, vacuumed, and cleaned. Keep in mind, the longer salt and dirt rests in your carpet’s fibers, the quicker the debris will break down those fibers. As a result, you may be forced to prematurely replace your carpet.

Air Quality

When it comes to air quality, the indoor air can have up to five times more pollutants than outdoor air. Since this air is continuously circulated throughout your office, it’s essential you add protecting your indoor air quality to your office cleaning checklist. You should make sure your HVAC systems are effectively maintained and cleaned to reduce the circulation of germs and dirt throughout your office space. By doing so, you will be taking preventative measures to keep your office staff happy and healthy.

Disinfect Areas

As the winter months roll around, so will increased sick days. In the event one person in the office gets sick, they could possibly infect your entire workforce. One of the most effective ways to prevent this from happening is with EnviroShield®. EnviroShield® is an electrostatic spray system that simply disinfects areas like nothing else on the market. To bolster your office cleaning, the system use a special sprayer nozzle with an electrostatic charge, which effectively allows the solution to cling and surround every surface it touches. As a result, the solution effectively kills some of the most harmful and notorious viruses, such as Swine Flu, MRSA, Legionella, Avian Flu, Salmonella, Listeria, E-Coli, Norovirus, and several others.

Use Professional Cleaning Services

While you can always sign up to do it yourself, the most productive way to ensure your office cleaning is effective is to hire a professional cleaning company. When you hire a cleaning company, you benefit by being able to create a schedule to ensure your floors are cleaned and the rest of the space sanitized to your specifications. Most importantly, you can ensure your workforce will be happy and healthy, which leads to happy and healthy customer relationships.

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