Why You Should Hire a Sustainable Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many commercial cleaning companies out there, and not all focus on sustainability or help their clients lessen their impact on the environment. That’s a shame because there are great cleaning equipment options now available that offer a deep clean while limiting their impact on the environment and human comfort. At JAN-PRO Canada, we go out of our way to find these products and focus on sustainability because that benefits our customers in many ways. Discover the other ways you can benefit from hiring sustainable cleaning services.

Protect Your Environment

Cleaning products and techniques can still have a big impact on the environment. These impacts might include water and air pollution, harm to animals, plants and beneficial bacteria, paper products in landfills, and much more. It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect our environment, not just as individuals but also as companies.

While you may not know much about how to prevent that potential impact, doing your part for the environment can be very simple. When you’re choosing janitorial services all you have to do is pick the company that has already done the hard work of choosing the right cleaning products and developing environmentally friendly cleaning practices for you.

What should you look for? You want a company that uses cleaning products which don’t pollute our soil or water. A company that reduces the number of paper products they use and can even point you towards other green solutions you can use at your workplace.

JAN-PRO Canada adopts green commercial cleaning practices. We can offer sustainable options you may not have known existed, such as paper products that are more sustainable for your bathrooms. Our own cleaning practices are environmentally friendly. For example, we wash and reuse our clothes instead of using disposable paper products which could end up in a landfill. We find our microfiber cloths are very effective and we use a color-coded system to avoid cross-contamination.

With frequent performance evaluations and reporting, we ensure that we’re using best practices to protect the environment for all of our clients. That means you don’t have to worry about how your cleaning services are impacting the environment.

Protect Customer and Staff Comfort

Another element of sustainable cleaning is lessening the impact of cleaning products on human health. This benefits you by keeping your staff, customers, and any other guests comfortable and safe when they walk through your door.

In contrast, workplaces full of unpleasant chemical smells can make staff uncomfortable and unproductive. It can also dissuade customers from spending much time in your building, or just make them more anxious while they’re with you. This is especially a challenge when you’re planning office cleaning in germ prone environments. In this case, you want to use tough chemicals to kill germs but know that it may make some people uncomfortable.

JAN-PRO helps you avoid this problem by using the EnviroShield™ disinfection system. This disinfection sprayer delivers hospital-grade disinfectant that envelopes and covers 99% of surfaces and is still safe for people, animals, and the environment. It won’t end up polluting rivers or stinging eyes but provides superior disinfection, unlike any other company can provide.

By choosing a cleaning company that uses better cleaning equipment and one that is more conscious of its impact on people and the environment, you can reaffirm your commitment to human health and safety as well as to environmental stewardship.

Boost Your Business Reputation

Companies that position themselves as environmentally friendly, or would like to do so, need to be sure they’re making all of their decisions with an environmentally conscious output. Consumers at-large and loyal customers are quick to point out environmental inconsistencies in business practices. They may see your cleaning company at work and even if they do not, they will see the after-effects.

The cleaning practices of your business can make an impression on your customers and staff, through the quality of work. The better company reputation you gain from great cleaning can bring you dividends in customer loyalty and staff productivity.

Green Cleaning is Still High-Quality 

There’s no need to worry about sacrificing the cleanliness of your office or other building in favour of green cleaning practices. While less experienced cleaning companies might make the mistake of skimping on sanitization or using less than effective cleaning products out of a desire to be green, not all do. You can get proper commercial cleaning that doesn’t sacrifice either quality or environmental protection.

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