Why You Need Professional Cleaning for Your Yoga Studio

Bacteria, viruses and mold love warmth, moisture and darkness. Yoga studios and the equipment in them may be warm, moist and dark, especially those studios which cater to hot yoga. Your studio might the perfect breeding ground for pathogens and germs. Even if you wipe down every mat at the end of every class, that is not enough to prevent infections from spreading through your studio. Plus, it doesn’t do anything to combat mold growth on the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Professional cleaning can help you mitigate these risks and protect your clients and your building, without needing to spend a ton of time researching and investing in the right cleaners and cleaning techniques. Let’s talk about why you need professional cleaning for your yoga studio, and why that’s the cheaper, more effective solution over doing it yourself anyway.

Pathogens Common in Yoga Studios

Many different types of fungi, bacteria, and viruses may be found in an unclean yoga class, just as you’d find them in a gym that doesn’t clean their equipment. Others are more likely to be found in yoga studios. Germs that have been reported in yoga studios include:

  • Ringworm
  • Plantar warts
  • Pink eye
  • Skin infections
  • MRSA
  • HPV

While most of these germs are easily treatable and not a major concern to most people’s health, some are more serious. Even if your studio only gives people unserious infections, you have to consider how your clients feel about that. No one wants to risk an infection.

Cleaning Sweat 

If you want to avoid these infections, you need to diligently clean anything that could get sweat on it. You should not just allow yoga mats, blocks, weights, or any other equipment to air dry. Instead, you should use a disinfectant cleaner on each piece of equipment between each use.

Avoid DIY cleaner mixtures for this purpose. They are not as reliable, safe or effective as the right store-bought cleaners. Common “green” cleaner ingredients such as tea tree oil and other essential oils are not effective disinfectants and will not stop all of these germs. Tea tree oil can cause skin irritation and is poisonous if swallowed, so especially do not use it around children.

At JAN-PRO Canada, we’ve found an environmentally friendly cleaner that provides hospital-grade clean. It is the perfect solution for a sustainable yoga studio that wants to limit its impact on the environment without risking exposing its clients to infection.

Stopping Mold

After your equipment is clean the next thing you have to worry about is mold. Mold can be a problem in any yoga class, but hot yoga is especially prone to mold growth. The extra humidity is just what mold spores need to start growing.

Keeping mold under control is important for the health and comfort of your patrons. Mold can irritate the lungs and can create a wet, unpleasant smell. It also looks unsightly and is a great way to turn off customers, especially the health-conscious customers who frequent yoga studios.

JAN-PRO Canada can help you resolve mold and restore your studio’s clean smell. We use HEPA filtered vacuums that can capture mold spores and reduce the likelihood of growth. Our disinfectant cleaners kill spores too. Plus, we’ll help you create the right cleaning schedule that can prevent mold issues. It’s all about disinfecting frequently and allowing moisture to escape the building after hot yoga is done for the day.

As we prevent mold and other problems, choosing a professional cleaning service can actually reduce your operating costs. You’re not struggling to keep up with mold issues, and you’re not losing customers to bacterial infections.

Get a Cleaner Yoga Class from JAN-PRO Canada

Spend time doing what you do best—yoga—and we’ll take care of the cleaning. When you work with professionals like those at JAN-PRO you don’t have to worry about poor or missed cleaning sessions. Our professionals have the equipment and experience to do it faster and right, every time.

You also don’t have to worry about the effectiveness or environmental impact of your cleaning products, because we’ve done the hard work of finding the right solution for you. In fact, JAN-PRO can help you get greener, by showing you more sustainable paper products to use in your studio.

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