Why You Don’t Have To Worry About Commercial Cleaning Contracts

commercial cleaning contracts

Investing in a franchise with JAN-PRO is a wise move for many reasons, including the high income potential, the proven model of success, and – most importantly to some – the fact that franchisees don’t have to secure their own commercial cleaning contracts. Read on to learn why you don’t have to worry about this – and why that’s a huge benefit to your blooming business.

We do all the sales work for you

When you choose to work with JAN-PRO, selling is not a part of your job. We can provide all of the commercial cleaning contracts for you. You simply decide we’re the right partner, review the franchisee documents, take the steps outlined in that document to get started, and we’ll supply you with the commercial cleaning contracts. It really couldn’t be simpler.

You can focus on what you’re good at

There are many reasons it can be difficult for a non-salesperson to secure commercial cleaning contracts. For one, selling is not a skill that can be acquired by everyone. Many people simply don’t have the special sauce that’s required to be great at this. Many people who start a business have to take on the added expense of hiring their own sales force. This is not the case when you choose to start a business with JAN-PRO.

Skip the cost of marketing altogether

By now you understand that when you work with JAN-PRO you don’t have to drum up your own commercial cleaning contracts. But what does that really mean for you? A lot of things! First of all, you won’t pay a cent for marketing. Other companies not only have to run advertisements, but they must pay someone to write the advertisements. They must pay to have a logo made, to create a website, to have maximum access to a social media audience – the list goes on! When you follow our business model and utilize our resources, you’ll have zero marketing costs.

Believing the hard to believe: you really don’t have to secure your own contracts

It’s common for potential investors to be suspicious of the claim that they don’t have to secure their own commercial cleaning contracts. Other franchises may make promises they can’t keep, but you’re not dealing with an up-and-coming company that’s trying to put one over on you. Just consider a few of our credentials:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine named us #1 in several categories: low-cost franchise, global franchise, and home based franchise.
  • In the same article we were named #15 in fastest growing franchises
  • We use a specialized training system to ensure you have the information you need to succeed
  • We have industry leading equipment and technology on our side.

The truth is, you really can own a business without having to secure your own contracts. Today’s a good day to get the details so you can decide if this is the right move for you!

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