What Type of Carpet Cleaning Services Does JAN-PRO Offer?

carpet-cleaning-servicesJAN-PRO cleaning Technicians are experts in carpet cleaning services designed to serve a variety of businesses, including offices, commercial buildings, and more. We focus on delivering the highest standards of quality in all aspects of our work and we have specialized knowledge and skills in carpet cleaning services. Whether you are a small company or a multi-national venture, you will receive the same impeccable quality from JAN-PRO.

Specialty Carpet Cleaning Services

JAN-PRO’s Technicians are equipped with the right tools and technology to deliver superior results every time, no matter what your carpet cleaning requirements are. We use only the best extraction equipment on the market, powerful enough to handle all carpet cleaning issues in commercial and office buildings. Our vacuum cleaners also feature a four-level filtration system that ultimately protects your health and the health of your employees. The backpack vacuums used by our cleaners exceed Hepa standards for cleaning air as an affirmation of JAN-PRO’s commitment to green cleaning.

If your carpet is looking dull, is stained, or you are thinking of replacing it, contact us today. JAN-PRO uses professional cleaning equipment and techniques like   hot water extraction. We don’t use bonnet methods that will fill your carpets with chemical cleaners and cause them to soil faster.. Choosing JAN-PRO to handle your carpet cleaning services is definitely a decision you will not regret once you will see the superior results of our work.

JAN-PRO uses highly efficient cleaning solutions that adhere to the strictest green cleaning standards. Committed to our status as green cleaners, we focus on cleaning your carpets efficiently, as well as treating your carpets with care. Since we are specialists in janitorial services, we focus exclusively on the latest cleaning supplies and technologies, which makes us experts in green carpet cleaning services.

JAN-PRO specializes in commercial carpet cleaning services targeting the business sector in Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Sherbrooke, Toronto East, Toronto West, and Vancouver. All of our cleaners are experts in carpet cleaning techniques, technologies, equipment, and training.

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