What is the Difference between Extraction Carpet Cleaning and Bonnet Carpet Cleaning?

extraction-carpet-cleaningOffice carpets are subjected to a steady stream of foot traffic every day. Add to that the dirt and dust is tracked into them, coffee and pop spills and it doesn’t take long for them to acquire patches of stains and discoloration that simply refuse to go away. Look underneath a carpet that hasn’t been properly cleaned and you will find a thick layer of dust which provides a natural habitat for insects, mites and microbes. No wonder office carpets age prematurely and begin to look faded and old.

A newer carpet that is starting to show signs of wear is in need of a thorough cleaning. You can do the cleaning yourself if you have the right equipment, but you may end up damaging an expensive carpet if you don’t know the correct procedure. Therefore, it is always best to leave carpet cleaning to the professionals.

There are several professional carpet-cleaning methods. Two of the most popular are extraction carpet cleaning and bonnet carpet cleaning. The former involves using plenty of hot water mixed with very little or no chemical; and the latter involves using special cleaning compounds and equipment (but no water).

Extraction Carpet Cleaning:

Extraction carpet cleaning, also called hot water extraction, involves spraying the carpet with hot water using a spraying machine while simultaneously vacuuming the dislodged dirt and debris using a vacuum cleaner. Very little or no detergent is added to the hot water. Cold water should not be used. This method is generally considered to be the safest and the most effective method to clean a carpet.

  • Advantage: The advantage of hot water extraction is that as very little or no chemical is used, it doesn’t leave any residue. This makes it safe for everyone, especially for those who are allergic to detergents and other chemicals.
  • Disadvantage: The disadvantage of this method is that a lot of hot water is required, which means you may need to use highly specialized equipment to clean the carpet. Also, if 100% of the moisture is not removed, your carpet may become a fertile breeding ground for mold, mildews and microbes.

Bonnet carpet cleaning:

Bonnet carpet cleaning is an older type of cleaning method, although it’s not strictly a dry method because some water is used. This method involves depositing a mixture of water and a special cleaning product on the surface of the carpet and then scrubbing the mixture with a bonnet using a rotating motion. The bonnet is a machine that looks like a floor buffer. It has an absorbent spin pad that attracts some dirt particles while spreading around the rest.

  • Advantage: The main advantage of bonnet carpet cleaning is that is it fast and less labor-intensive. It also doesn’t require much water.
  • Disadvantage: The main disadvantage of this method is that it leaves a lot of detergent in the carpet which causes the carpet to soil faster than before it was cleaned.
  •  It is also not be capable of getting microorganisms residing in the carpet fibers without the application of antimicrobial agents.
  • JAN-PRO does not recommend nor provide this type of service.

The type of carpet cleaning used for your office carpet will depend on how stained or dirty it is. The team at JAN-PRO can offer you a free consultation on your carpet cleaning needs and determine the method best suited for the job. Click here to get a free online quote.

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