Top 10 Questions to Ask During Your Professional Cleaning Service Consultation

Cleaning ConsultationQuality, value and performance are the primary traits that a good cleaning company should offer. Your cleaning company’s goal should be to provide the highest quality professional cleaning service at the best price. Selecting the best cleaning services should be done with care and caution to be able to meet your needs with the good value for your money. Listed here are 10 questions that you can ask a potential cleaning service at your initial consultation.

  1. What is your bond and insurance policy?

Small cleaning companies purchase job-specific insurance and cleaning bonds. This allows reimbursement for any broken, damaged, or missing items that are incurred during the cleaning hours. Larger companies have liability insurances that cover damage to the property.

  1. How long have you been in business?

This checks how long they have been established and how competitive they have become in the industry. A long run proves that a company has been successful in maintaining smooth operations, has built a good reputation, and has created a competitive portfolio and testimonials.

Newly-formed cleaning businesses may still be trying to tread water as they work on time management, training workers, quality control, and such. These new companies with less experience may not be at par with what you need.

  1. May I have at least three long-term references?

Contact three businesses they provide services to. Ideally, these should be  ones that are related to your own company’s industry. Ask them if the cleaning company in question has consistently provided quality service, and if there have been any past issues or other concerns.

  1. Do you have a cleaning contract or service agreement?

This paper should contain agreements for termination in case of non-performance.

  1. Who will be doing the actual cleaning?

Find out who will actually be cleaning your office. You should also know who will be in possession of your keys in case of emergency or if something goes missing.

  1. Do you perform a background check on your workers?

This background check should involve employment references, criminal checks, verification of their social insurance number, and drug testing policies.

  1. How do you train employees?

One of the advantages of hiring cleaning companies is the quality of their staff. Ask how many hours are devoted to training new hires, the list of qualification of trainers, the training program, and the training material. Ideally, the material should include safety procedures, theories of cleaning, products and equipments, classroom training, training certification, and ongoing evaluations.

  1. What type of quality assurance program can I expect?

Having a quality assurance program shows the cleaning company’s dedication to quality service. Ask for a list of cleaning specifications. Ask if their service covers inspection or follow-up.

  1. How do you handle complaints?

An assurance that you can complain shows that the company takes pride in improving. Know how you can file for a complaint. If possible, ask how they handled previous complaints, if any.

  1. How will communication be conducted?

Communication with your cleaning crew is important. You will need to tell them what your expectations are when cleaning your office. An effective two-way communication system is necessary for this. In case of emergency, you should also know how to contact their supervisor or manager.

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