Tips to Decrease the Dirt of Winter Coming into Your Office


As the cold weather rolls in, Canadians understand the impending weather conditions that await such as snow and slush. However, with these conditions, more cleaning has to be done to keep spaces in an orderly state. High-traffic areas, which generally see lots of people flowing in and out, are the most vulnerable to the effects of winter.   

An office space, which is a shared area for many employees and customers, is likely to see a high volume of dirt this season. Throughout the winter months, performing winter office cleaning becomes complicated as all sorts of debris are spread through the workplace. As this occurs the floors become stained, mats become clogged and less effective, and the office space just doesn’t look appealing.

If you are an office manager and are looking for ways to limit the dirt that is being in tracked through the office, continue reading this article for some great tips.

Consider Using More Mats

One of the many reasons why it is so challenging to keep workplaces clean during the winter months is because there are so many individuals sharing one area. Workers are always moving in, out, or around the office. With persistent movement, it becomes challenging to manage the amount of snow and dirt that finds its way into the building.

Despite this reality, some things can be implemented to assist in decreasing the amount of dirt that enters the office. For instance, increasing the number of mats at the entrance or opting for larger mats can help to prevent dirt from travelling. Employing this practice helps to confine the debris to one area. It also limits the amount of office cleaning that has to be done to maintain a clean and appealing work environment.   

Encourage Employees to Use Indoor Shoes

Another option that can be considered is the use of indoor shoes. By encouraging employees to take off their boots and place them on a mat in a hidden area, such as a storage room, can help to eliminate the amount of dirt that enters the office. Also, much like the mat, indoor shoes can also limit the spread of dirt around the office.

During the winter, office cleaning can be very stressful as many areas require a deep clean to remove dirt. Floor and carpet cleaning become priorities as these two areas retain the most grime. Implementing the use of indoor shoes helps to eradicate the number of stains and amount of dirt that build-up on floors and carpets.

Offer Guests Shoe Covers

Winter dirt is often brought inside on boots and other outdoor shoes. To decrease the amount of dirt that builds up, how about providing your guests with shoe covers? By offering these covers to visitors, you are helping to manage the dirt that comes into your office. This action also aids in restricting dirt to the inside of the shoe cover and prevents it from transferring to your office floors.

Disinfect Often & Avoid Build-up

While employing the methods mentioned above in your office, be sure to engage in additional cleaning habits. Along with dirt and grime in the winter, there are also cold and flu germs that circulate. To keep all of these elements under some form of control, consider wiping and disinfecting work areas often. Doing so will help to eliminate dirt, and it will also help to reduce the number of workers that become ill in your office. Overall, it helps to improve air quality, and it also decreases the build-up of dirt that can occur with daily traffic.

Hiring a Cleaning Service Can Help

Every employee and office worker enjoys clean and comfortable workspaces, so keeping up with the chores and cleaning supports a positive environment. If you find it impossible to uphold the cleanliness of your office by yourself or by solely relying on the building’s janitorial staff, then you should look for outside professional cleaning services.

JAN-PRO is a reputable cleaning company that offers commercial cleaning services to all kinds of offices across Canada. We understand how challenging it can be to maintain a clean working space in the winter, so we provide carpet cleaning, disinfecting treatments, and many other services to any workspace in need of some extra attention. For information on seasonal office cleaning, or the types of services we offer, feel free to contact us.

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