The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Hotel Cleaning Services

Trying to decide if you need to trade in your current in-house hotel cleaning staff for outsourced hotel cleaning services? The fact is that outsourcing your hotel cleaning to a professional company has both advantages and disadvantages depending on quite a few factors.

The Pros of Outsourcing Your Hotel Cleaning Services

1 – Outsourcing your hotel cleaning services can save you substantial amounts of money potentially cutting your costs by 25% or more. Recurring employee related expenses like Health Care Benefits, WSIB, salaries and vacation downtime are all avoided by outsourcing. This results in significant savings, increased operational cash flow, and higher profits. As a bonus, come tax season there are incremental savings due to reduced payroll taxes.

2 – Outsourced staff is professionally trained in the hotel cleaning niche. If you hire in-house staff for your cleaning services, you have to go through with the formality and expense of training them. You also avoid the costs of supplying an in-house cleaning staff with uniforms.

3 – You always have backup staff if a member of your in-house staff quits a job.  If you focus only on retaining the staff you have, you could be caught short of help when it counts most. If you are engaged in an agreement with a hotel cleaning service, you can replace missing staff at a moment’s notice so that the quality of your customer’s experience never suffers. If your hotel business is smaller, hotel cleaning services can act as a supplemental work force to the one you already have. They can also be hired to deftly accomplish routine monthly or annual deep cleaning services that are not generally performed by your regular staff.

4 – Outsourced hotel cleaning employees are less personal with your customers, as they often work during off-hours and do not have the chance to mingle as much with your guests. The larger and more posh your hotel is, the more your guests will appreciate this personal distance.

The Cons of Outsourcing Your Hotel Cleaning Services

1 – Laying off your current hotel staff and replacing them with outsourced workers could earn you the wrath of the local labour union. Although you may be cutting your costs, you might be losing more money than it is worth, as sometimes these types of layoffs are greeted with hostility and boycotts from the public. This is especially true if you are running a large hotel with more than forty staff, which has been working there for many years. The hotels that fare best when it comes to outsourcing tend to be those that are newer and have a small staff that is twenty or less people.

2 – If you need cleaning staff full time, then outsourcing hotel cleaning services may not be quite right for you, especially if your hotel is in a remote location. Distance can also affect how often a cleaning company’s staff can be available to you and they may not be available to you in an emergency, such as a bad flu overtaking your entire hotel cleaning staff or the sudden booking of hundreds of tourists, all of who need rooms cleaned and made up. In the case of being in a remote location, it may be best to hire a cleaning company to do a less frequent but intensive deep cleaning and detailing of your establishment.

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