The Five Benefits of Choosing JAN-PRO for Your Office Cleaning Services

Having a reliable, efficient and trustworthy company such as JAN-PRO, which offers a full spectrum of office cleaning services is necessary to help your office maintain a professional, clean image and keep your employees happy and healthy. JAN-PRO offers office building managers and business management professionals a full spectrum of different cleaning services including care for both carpets and hard floors, sanitization of office kitchens and appliances, cleaning of walls and blinds and the disinfection of washrooms.

This unique company also offers deep cleaning and you can customize your contract with them to be daily, weekly, monthly or part-time.

Aside from keeping your office clean and presentable, there are also many benefits to hiring office cleaning services. Here are the top five reasons for outsourcing all or some of your cleaning to JAN-PRO.

1 – JAN-PRO Offers a Full Set of Services

It does not matter what you need cleaned. JAN-PRO has the equipment and technology that is needed to handle it whether it is a spilled toner cartridge ink on your expensive carpet, flooding from a backed up toilet in the office washroom or a cleaning up the food and decorations left over from the office Christmas party. Steam cleaning, pressure hoses, carpet extractors, deep vacuums and more are all part of this cleaning company’s arsenal of equipment to fight the war on dirt.

2 – JAN-PRO Offers Green Cleaning Solutions

If you have employees or clients that have environmental allergies to chemical cleaners or you are an environmentally conscious company JAN-PRO will clean your facility with ecologically friendly products that do not leave toxins or chemical odors. This is crucial because toxic chemicals in cleaners have been known to cause behavioral symptoms such as an inability to focus, dizziness and irritability.

3 – JAN-PRO Saves You Money On Your Cleaning Costs

Hiring from a larger, internationally known company can be much cheaper than using in-house or building cleaners or hiring private cleaners. Yet, another bonus of using a professional office cleaning services is that their teams arrive already equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning machines, green cleaning solutions and wearing a uniform, which means that you do not have to supply these items to them.

4 – JAN-PRO Customizes Its Cleaning To Your Office Building Needs and Business Schedule

You need not worry about noisy cleaners working in your office during operating hours as this office cleaning company works primarily after hours. You can also have JAN-PRO schedule deep office cleaning services and you can hire them to supplement your current in-house staff with their teams.

5 – JAN-PRO Cleaning Creates A Happier and Healthier Environment

If all surfaces in your office are routinely cleaned with professional methods such as carpet extractors and steam cleaning, your business is less likely to lose days of productivity due to colds, flu and food poisoning. Furthermore, an office environment that is always clean and free of dirt and clutter also helps boost the morale of your employees.

To investigate the impressive variety of office cleaning services offered by JAN-PRO and get a quote for the customization of those office cleaning services to your own needs, you can access more information at the JAN-PRO website at cleaning-services/. 

Call JAN-PRO Today at 1-888-977-1444 and get the cleaning you deserve.


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