The Effects Winter Can Have on Your Office Floors


Once winter arrives, people must endure the snow, freezing rain, and terrible weather conditions that the cold winter months bring. With those conditions comes seasonal office cleaning as well. In a high-traffic environment like an office, debris and damage are likely to accrue because of dirt, sand, snow, slush, and especially salt being tracked in from the outdoors.

As some of these substances accumulate, they can tarnish your floor, leaving it looking dull, dirty, and unappealing. But they can also create slip-and-fall hazards. This article offers information on the things that are most harmful to your office floors. Continue reading to learn what you can do, including scheduling a winter office cleaning, to limit the damaging effects of winter on your office space.

Salt & Sand Damage Floors

When the snow falls, and ice begins to build up, people start putting down salt to cut through the ice and snow. Sand is also thrown on the road and sidewalks to provide traction and grit to slippery surfaces. These coarse materials often become trapped in boot treads and make their way inside buildings. When these grainy elements make contact with office floors, they can cause severe damage over time.

The scratching and scraping of the salt and sand on the floor can cause abrasions and marks to once flawless surfaces. Also, salt can cause the protective varnish to strip resulting in floors that are more porous and non-resistant to harsh conditions. If left untreated, these substances can stain and permanently damage carpets as well.

You should schedule a carpet cleaning and floor cleaning a few times throughout winter, or at least one deep clean afterward, to maintain your office’s surfaces.

Wet Floors Create Hazards

As employees and customers venture in from the snow, a host of unwanted winter elements follow. Snow and slush, which collect at the bottom of shoes and get transferred to floors, cause slippery conditions and undesirable marks on the floor. An abundance of liquid will oversaturate porous flooring such as wooden or laminate flooring and lead to damage. For carpets, it can create stains, smells, and uncomfortable conditions. Wet floors create unsafe conditions for workers and patrons entering and leaving your building.

Persistent traffic and snow brought in on winter boots can create long-term damage. The melted snow can trickle below floorboards causing mould, mildew, and other unsafe conditions, both structurally and in terms of indoor air quality. According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, mould in the workplace can cause adverse reactions such as eye irritations, rashes on the skin, asthma flare-ups, and other responses. The indoor air quality becomes unsafe as mould and mildew grow.

A winter office cleaning is necessary to combat the conditions the season brings. Frequent carpet cleaning and mopping of floors once people enter the building is essential for maintenance.

Changing Temperatures Affect Floors

Whether you have laminate, wood, or engineered flooring in your office, your floor is likely to expand and shrink as the weather changes. In the winter, wooden flooring tends to enlarge. As this occurs, the sides and ends of the boards produce gaps. These spaces then enable dirt and liquids to penetrate straight through to subfloors, resulting in collected grime and water between recesses and underneath the base of the floor. If salt, sand, and snow are left on the ground, the floors will begin to deteriorate.

Keeping your office clean during the winter can be a daunting task, but it must be done, and you can make the job easier by hiring a commercial cleaning company. In shared spaces such as an office, floors need to be tended to regularly. Persistent cleaning is one of the best ways to counteract the perils of winter.

Seasonal Office Cleaning Services Are Available

As an office manager, maintaining comfortable and safe working conditions for employees and other people entering the office is imperative. You also want to keep a clean environment so that it is welcoming. However, as directors in the office, it can become challenging to tend to the ever-increasing amount of salt, snow, and sand infiltrating the building while also trying to run a successful team of professionals. Time keeps passing, and winter office cleaning is labour-intensive.

JAN-PRO is a commercial cleaning service in Canada that is wholly capable of handling your winter office cleaning needs. With our level of expertise, we can help to keep your floors clear during the winter. Whether you have carpet, natural wood, laminate floors, tiles, or anything else, we can take on the task of caring for your floors throughout the winter. For more information on our seasonal office cleaning services, contact our team.

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