Spring is the Time for Deep Cleaning and Restorative Processes

This year’s cold winter is finally coming to an end and the pleasant and warm days of spring are here again. It is the perfect time to restore and rejuvenate – your own life as well as your office.

The floors, windows, carpets, ceramics, furniture, and other fixtures in your office are ripe for deep cleaning and restorative processes after bearing the brunt of the salt and slush that gets tracked into your office in the winter months. If you do not tend to them now, permanent irreversible damage can occur. Before spring is over, make sure you tend to some of the more in-depth “restorative” cleaning jobs in your facility. An expert commercial cleaning company like JAN-PRO can help you with your office spring cleaning tasks:

  • Carpets: Your carpets are the most abused items in your office and they absorb everything from salt, mud, and dust to food debris and microbes. It is essential that you have a deep cleaning extraction performed on your office carpets to clean away all of the dirt accumulated over the winter months. Don’t be fooled by bonneting, hot water extraction is the only tried and true method for deep cleaning. Your carpets will not only look and smell clean, but they will also look new and beautiful.
  • Ceramic tiles: Staining is one of the main problems with ceramic tiles and grout is usually the most affected. Once ceramic tiles have become stained and lost their shine, simple cleaning and mopping won’t do it. Hire a professional cleaning company to deep clean (mechanical scrub) your ceramic tiles in springtime.
  • Windows: The doors and windows of your office are built to let in sunlight and fresh air and also to keep out the elements. This means that your windows are exposed to rain, snow, dirt, dust, and other debris all year round. Spring is the perfect opportunity to have your windows thoroughly cleaned on both interior and exterior surfaces.

If you find the dirt, grime, and stains overwhelming, then you may want to get professional help for your spring cleaning tasks. A professional cleaning company like JAN-PRO  has the necessary tools, materials, and know-how to properly clean your office fixtures. Learn more about these processes here.

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