Should I Replace My Office Carpet, or Can it Be Cleaned?


Carpet is an essential part of a modern office. Besides being an alternative to tile or concrete flooring, it can add elegance and warmth to your office, but like everything, carpets age with constant use. They lose their color and luster, and look faded and old. When a carpet looks prematurely old, the problem often lies with the lack of appropriate office carpet cleaning.

Your office carpet has to bear the brunt of hundreds of feet every month of the year and it naturally becomes soiled with dirt, dust, grit, grime, stains and allergens over time. Grit gets down to the base of the carpet fibers and grinds away at them causing the fibers to fail. There are options such as walk off mats and tiled entrance ways which can reduce the wear and tear on your carpets, particularly during the winter months.

So what do you do when your carpets look tired and old? Your first thought would probably be to have it replaced with a new carpet. But as long as it is not completely worn out, you can clean it and restore it to a like-new condition.

You don’t have to buy your own cleaning equipment and materials to clean your carpet. You can have it cleaned by professional cleaners. Professional office carpet cleaning companies like JAN-PRO provide onsite cleaning services so you can have your carpets cleaned at your convenience.

There are several professional carpet-cleaning methods. They are broadly divided into two categories: hot water extraction and dry cleaning.

Hot water extraction:

Hot water extraction, also called steam cleaning, involves spraying the carpet with hot water mixed with a very small quantity of cleaning chemicals (detergent) and vacuuming out the sprayed water at the same time. Any dirt, dust and other particles dislodged are immediately removed by the vacuum. Hot water extraction is generally considered to be the most effective and preferred carpet cleaning method.

For very large carpeted areas (like high rises),  truck-mounted cleaning equipment can  provide onsite efficient service.

This method of cleaning carpet requires very little or no detergent so that it leaves no residue behind on the carpet. However, if the moisture is not removed completely, the carpet may soon become a host to mold, mildews and microbes. This is another reason to ensure you hire  a professional cleaning company.

Dry cleaning:

Dry cleaning methods for carpets involve the use of specialized machines (such as a brush applicator, rotary machine or compression sprayer) and cleaning chemicals to remove the dirt and stains. These methods can be faster and less labor-intensive than hot water extraction. However, dry cleaning has a tendency to leave chemical residue in the carpet.

There are several dry cleaning methods. One involves spreading a cleaning compound evenly over a carpet and then brushing or scrubbing it to remove the dirt and stains. Another method involves applying polymers to crystallize (encapsulate) the dirt particles and then vacuuming out the dry residue.  Dry cleaning is generally used in problem areas and not the entire carpeted surface so there is always the possibility of “clean patches” developing where the carpet was cleaned.

You may use any of the cleaning methods described above. But specific methods may be required depending upon the severity of discoloration and number of stains in your office carpet. Therefore, you should first talk to the carpet cleaning professionals to determine the most suitable method for your carpet.  A regular carpet maintenance program can greatly extend the life of your carpets which will can save you thousands of dollars over their life span.

If you need office carpet cleaning, contact JAN-PRO today for a free quote. We’ll be the last cleaner you’ll ever hire!

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