School Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Rather than a small independent operation, professional janitorial companies are chosen to service most educational facilities because of the large output required. School janitors on their own may have difficulty or may not have time to cover all of the maintenance that is needed.  


All types of educational facilities from preschools, K-12 schools, middle schools, high schools, and CEGEP institutions as well as private and specialized education facilities, need careful daily cleaning.  


Usually, this type of cleaning is carried out during the night, but most of the time there is a school janitor that is responsible for cleaning during the day, and another staff member may be brought in for occasional heavy cleans.  


Cleaning Large Buildings  


The cleaning requirements for buildings like schools that typically have tens of thousands of square feet of floor space can be quite extensive. Keeping schools sanitized on a daily basis can be challenging, but is crucial to ensure the overall health of staff, students, administrators, visitors and parents.  

How much does it cost? A cleaning company will typically charge per square foot in more substantial buildings for basic janitorial services.  


Classrooms are Germ Factories


Certain areas like classrooms for younger children are particularly prone to accumulating germs, and it takes a lot of time to clean those desks, toys, chalkboards, chairs and other items until they are clear of bacteria and viruses. This sanitization process is especially important during cold and flu seasons, and you won’t want to take chances at any other time of year either.


Professional janitorial cleaning services are necessary for the proper upkeep of all areas in schools, precisely because they require a high level of daily service for the majority (if not all) of the year. It’s imperative that your facility meets the highest standards to please parents and professionals alike, regarding not only health but also maintaining both the aesthetic and organizational appeal.




Floors are one of the toughest places to keep clean in areas with massive square footage and plenty of little feet walking through them every day. That’s why you need a commercial floor cleaner to ensure that the job gets done right. Depending on the material that your floor is made out of, you’ll likely want a regular buffing and waxing schedule to make sure your floors stay in great condition.




Cleaning universities and other educational facilities can be complex due to the all-day scheduling of class times and the foot traffic at all hours of the day. That’s why when receiving a quote for your facility, you may notice it’s more than just the square footage of the building that is the determining factor of the price. Cleaning is not a one size fits all business, so make sure to speak to your cleaning service provider and ensure you’re getting the clean you need.

At JAN-PRO, your staff and students’ health is important to us. We are committed to the maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness to ensure your health and safety. Want to learn more? Call today for free quote.

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