The ROI of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you hire a commercial cleaning company, when will you see a return on investment? Working with professionals isn’t just a cost-sink. Instead, a commercial cleaning company can make you back some money, especially if you’ve been having your staff do the cleaning until now. While the exact ROI you’ll see is tough to calculate… Read More

Carpet Care – The burn test

Do you know the fiber that makes up your carpet? It is critical to know what type of carpet you’re about to clean to make sure that you don’t do more harm than good. To know exactly what type of carpet you’re dealing with, it is also important to know how to test the fibers…. Read More

How to Protect Your Workplace Floors for Winter

Winter is hard on our flooring. People track in salt, snow and ice as they enter your building or office. Salt and water can stain, scratch, and wear away at the flooring you invested in. Replacing flooring is never fun, and it can cost a significant amount of money, especially if your property has a… Read More

Winter Workplace Cleaning Checklist for 2020

While people may tend to focus on spring cleaning, we think that cleaning in preparation for the winter months is even more important, at least for businesses. After all, workplace safety may depend on how well you are prepared for people to track in salt, snow and ice. Plus, as winter arrives humidity drops, and… Read More

Carpet Care Key Terms – Volume 3

        CARPET CARE TERMINOLOGY   CARPET PROTECTOR Enhance carpet performance especially against soils and stains. COLLOIDAL SILICA / ALUMINA ACID DYE BLOCKER SILICONE FLUORO-CHEMICAL ·  Dry soil retardant     · Dry soil retardant · Acid dye repellent · Oily stain repellent ·  Removed with wear ·  Wet stain repellent ·   Dry… Read More

The Advantages of Using Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

Learn About the Benefits of Commercial Cleaning for Your Office Building Keeping your office building clean is a very important part of making your business successful. That is why you should do your research about janitorial services and commercial cleaning services to make sure that you are getting the cleaning solution that you need. When… Read More

How to Clean a Fabric Office Chair

Tips for Getting Your Office Chair Looking Like New When you think about it, you spend an awful lot of time sitting in your office chair at your desk. It is essential that you are comfortable. That means having an office chair that fits you properly, goes with your décor, and is clean and fresh-smelling…. Read More

How to Expand My Cleaning Business

Tips on How You Can Grow Your Cleaning Business Small businesses are rewarding for their owners, but they can also be stressful when you are trying to expand your business, and you’re not sure what steps to take. Cleaning services are in high demand, but the marketplace is crowded with cleaning companies. How can you… Read More

Carpet Care: Principles of Carpet Care

        In the first article, we discussed the principles and principles of carpet maintenance (chemical action, heat, mechanical action and time). The second article will deal this time with methods of cleaning carpets and rugs, considerations and tools necessary to perform them. Before starting, it would be wise to evaluate some factors… Read More

How to Clean a Dental Office

The success of a dental practice relies on a few key components: a solid reputation, a high level of professionalism, and establishing trust with your patients. The cleanliness of this type of medical office creates a positive, professional environment, which will make a great impression on patients. It’s common to focus on the proper cleaning… Read More

how often should medical offices be cleaned
How Often Should a Medical Office Be Cleaned?

Medical offices are high traffic areas and generally encounter more germs than in other businesses. This is one of the business spaces that require professional cleaning regularly. Not only is cleaning and sanitation in a medical office necessary to maintain the health of staff and patients, but cleanliness also goes a long way in sending… Read More

what do commercial cleaners do
What Do Commercial Cleaners do?

Get the Dirt on Commercial Cleaning  You may be wondering, is it worth it to hire a commercial cleaning company for your business? The short answer, absolutely! You invest in your business to position it for growth and profitability, right? That means that you need to invest your business dollars wisely. It comes down to… Read More

how to clean a toilet
How to Clean a Toilet

Follow These Steps to Keep Your Toilet Clean Cleaning a toilet isn’t a job that people generally relish, but it is absolutely essential. Not only is having a dirty toilet unappealing and unsanitary, but it can also cause long-term damage and staining to your toilet. Even if you don’t have time to do a full… Read More

What Is A High-Quality Microfiber Towel
What Is A High-Quality Microfiber Towel

Are all microfiber towels the same? No, there is a difference between quality cleaning towels and lower quality products.  This can be based on a variety of factors, such as types of microfiber towels, the microfiber quality itself, GSM (Gram per Square Mater), and much more.  When purchasing a microfiber towel, all you really need… Read More

how to clean a computer mouse
How to Clean A Mouse Pad

Take the Time to Clean Your Mouse Pad Properly Your mouse pad is an essential part of your overall user experience when it comes to your computer station. However, this small piece is often forgotten about. If you’re having trouble with your mouse, and it’s slowing you down, it might be because your mouse pad… Read More

How to Clean a Water Cooler
How to Clean a Water Cooler

Clean and Sanitize Your Water Cooler Regularly We are aware of the many necessary health benefits that come from drinking filtered or treated water. In many offices, that clean and clear water comes from a bottled water cooler. However, if you don’t take the time to make sure that the water cooler itself is clean,… Read More

Carpet Cleaning

How to Clean Carpet Carpets and rugs are certainly the most common type of flooring in common areas of condominium complexes and office buildings. Hence the importance of knowing as much as possible about this type of flooring and its maintenance. Although they are available in many forms, made from different fibers and constructed according… Read More

how to clean stainless steal
How to Clean Stainless Steel

Clean Your Stainless Steel Appliances With the Right Cleaning Products It’s no question that stainless steel kitchen appliances add a sleek, contemporary quality to your modern kitchen. However, stainless steel surfaces present unique challenges. First, they are hard to keep clean, as they usually experience heavy use and traffic. Second, a stainless steel surface is… Read More

The Best Business Opportunities In Edmonton

Best Opportunities for Small Business Owners It’s one thing to decide to become your own boss. It’s another thing to decide what business idea and what business model are most appealing and likely to be profitable. There are a number of business opportunities in Edmonton, but it’s hard to know where to start. Consider your… Read More

how to clean laminate floors
How to Clean Laminate Floors

Learn How to Clean Laminate Floors Properly Laminate flooring is a great choice in high-traffic rooms, whether at home or at the office. They are stylish, functional, and durable flooring materials. Laminate also stands up to wear and tear, as long as you know how to clean laminate floors correctly. Hardwood Floors vs. Wood Laminate… Read More

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