Office Cleaning Services Include What Type of Cleaning?


People are constantly flowing in and out of office spaces and corridors. An office is a space that is shared with employees, occasional visitors, and guests, and people are always in contact with things in this space. Work areas, desks, phones, fax and copy machines, door handles, and many other objects are all touched and used on a daily basis.

Since an office is a communal area, germs are transferred continuously from various items. Regular cleaning of the office can help to eliminate dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens, and the harmful contaminants that pollute the office air.

Keeping your business’s facilities clean is beneficial for your office environment. Hiring a cleaning company that provides office cleaning services can help you to maintain a workspace that is comfortable and hygienic. This article is an overview of the types of office cleaning services JAN-PRO offers its clients.  

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Floors and carpets in offices are the most susceptible to dirt and debris. As workers travel from outside, they transfer all kinds of substances to the office floors. When this happens, the ground becomes covered with filth and unwanted particles. Mud, snow, sand, and other unwelcomed elements cover the floors creating an unsightly appearance and an unsafe walking surface.

At JAN-PRO, we proudly offer floor and carpet cleaning services. We understand that offices are high-traffic spaces and that floors often suffer because of it. Things like dirt and snow on the ground accumulate quickly in busy areas and, when left alone, can cause unsafe conditions for your workers. Hence, giving your floors a deep clean can help to limit the presence of and hazards created by dust, slush, and allergens in the office.

Office Kitchen Cleaning & Garbage Removal

In many offices, there is a kitchen or lunch area where individuals congregate to prepare coffee, store their lunches, chit-chat, and sit down to eat. Maintaining a kitchen space that is sanitary and enables employees to eat comfortably is vital. It contributes significantly to their health and the overall feelings of happiness in the office environment.

By offering your employees a clean lunch area, you are providing a space that is sterile and germ-free. A cleaner workspace is beneficial to productivity as it encourages better work habits. It makes the office more appealing and welcomes positive behaviours and practices.

With the services of JAN-PRO, you can accomplish a clean and uplifting office environment. We take our time to remove garbage and wipe, dust, and clean all surfaces in the kitchen such as countertops, tables, and chairs. Appliances like your coffee machines, microwaves, and others are all cleaned and sanitized.

In addition to cleaning the kitchen, we also offer to remove garbage from spaces around the office. Garbage bins in conference rooms, under desks and tables, and around other areas will be emptied and replaced for the following workday. Professional commercial cleaners go above and beyond to ensure that your office remains spotless.

Sanitization & Disinfecting of Surfaces

With commercial cleaning services from JAN-PRO, all surfaces in the office are cleaned thoroughly. Desks, tables, chairs, computers, printers, and machines are left sparkling without the presence of dust particles or germs. By disinfecting and sterilizing these surfaces, it eliminates the spread of germs in the office and limits the distribution of allergens in the air.  As a result, the indoor air quality is improved, and employees can work happily in a clean office setting.

Every Area Is Cleaned Thoroughly

There are many advantages to keeping your office clean. Hiring professional cleaning services enables you and your workers to operate in a space that is debris-free and productive. Your office reflects you and your business. So, maintaining its cleanliness is paramount to the impression you give and the happiness of your staff.

With commercial cleaning services, every space and area of your office is cleaned. Conference rooms, personal offices, workspaces, desks, washrooms, warehouses, and other places are all given a refresh. They are cleaned thoroughly to ensure that your office space remains spotless, orderly, and favourable for great work.  

Office Cleaning is Versatile & Inclusive

Many business owners are aware of the benefits of professional office cleaning services. With the limited time they have to make calls, book appointments, attend and schedule meetings, and review daily targets, cleaning is virtually impossible. Therefore, hiring a commercial cleaning company has proven to be the best option to maintain professionalism, neatness, and productivity in a workspace.

JAN-PRO is committed to keeping offices clean and helping them to run efficiently. Contact the offices of JAN-PRO to discover more about the types of office cleaning services available.

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