How to Start Your Search for an Office Cleaning Company

office-cleaning-servicesThis time of year is busy for many of us because winter is just around the corner.  This means salt, sand, snow and everything in between is going to be tracked into your office or workplace.   Never mind the fact that flu season is on its way as well!  Your office is looking dirtier by the day, and you need to keep on top of the mess to make sure your office looks great every time a client walks in.  Hiring a professional office cleaning company will ensure that your office stays clean and tidy and germ free throughout this winter.

Starting your search for an office cleaning company should begin with your company’s particular needs.  Identifying your business cleaning needs will help you to focus in on the specific areas that require attention.  If you’re not sure, look for an office cleaning company that provides a consultation.  That way the company can come in and take a look at your space and see what needs a little TLC. From there, you and your cleaning company can decide what type of package will fit you best, whether it be one cleaning per week or daily cleaning.

A great way to start your search for an office cleaning company is to look online.  Most reputable companies have websites which include a list of services, prices and testimonials.  Comparing services and cleaning standards online is a great way to start.  For example, JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems has a 97% customer retention level which demonstrates our excellent reputation for quality and care.

Word of mouth is an old-fashioned method of advertising, but it still can provide valuable information when you’re looking to hire an office cleaning company.  You know from your own experience, when you’re satisfied with a product or service, you pass it on to your friends and colleagues.  When you’re dissatisfied, you’ll tell even more people within your network.  Call or email another business owner in your community to see if they have an office cleaning company that they’d recommend.  Using someone’s direct experience will certainly solidify your decision.

JAN-PRO has a 100% guarantee.  If the company you’re researching can’t guarantee their service – move on to one who can.  Your employees will thank you!  Contact JAN-PRO today to set up an initial consultation to determine your office cleaning needs. You can also get an estimate for services on-line – click here – it’s easy!

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