How To Select A Janitorial Service

Are you looking for a professional janitorial service provider for your work environment? Perhaps you have been less than satisfied with the cleaning services you have received in the past or feel that you have been paying too much. To help you find an excellent cleaning company, we have prepared this quick and easy guide.

Look Up Local Companies

The internet is a valuable tool in the stage of the process. Search for commercial cleaning companies in your area on Google or your preferred search engine. You can glean lots of valuable information from the company’s website, including the kinds of services they offer, the industries they serve, and how they operate. Compile a list of possible suitable providers.

Ask Questions


Contact the companies on your shortlist to find out if they are accepting new customers. You should also use this opportunity to ask additional questions to help you choose a cleaning service. These can include:

  •   Are you fully bonded and insured? (Very important)
  •   Do you currently provide janitorial cleaning services to businesses like mine?
  •   How long have you been in business?
  •   What measures are taken to ensure security and safety?
  •   What are your standards of quality and how do you deal with complaints?

You should also ask any questions that relate to your specific needs and concerns. For example, if your company prefers the use of environmentally friendly products in your spaces, you should ask if this option is available.

Get Quotes


Based on the answers you have received from your online search and from the questions asked, you should be able to narrow down the list of potential candidates. Start by choosing no more than 5 of your favourites from whom you will request a quote. Limiting your list of candidates will help to avoid getting overwhelmed by the amount of information you will receive.

Compare the submissions you receive from all your candidates. Don’t limit your comparison to the cost associated with the service. You should also make sure that the scope of each submission is identical so that you are comparing apples to apples. For example, if 4 of the 5 submissions offer quarterly carpet steam cleaning, you may want to request that service gets added to the 5th submission.

To that end, you should also make sure that the commercial janitorial cleaning services only quote on the services that you will need. In other words, if your work environment doesn’t have any carpeting, your quotes should not include steam cleaning.

Ask For Referrals and Check Reviews


Before making your final selection, it’s important to check on the company’s overall reputation, whether that’s through online reviews or with customer referrals. Any cleaning company worth its salt will provide you with referrals from some of its customers. If possible, ask to speak to these customers so that you can find out more about what they like or dislike about dealing with the company in question.

Look Over The Agreement Carefully

Once you have chosen your janitorial service provider, examine the agreement carefully before signing it. Most agreements will lock you in with the provider for a prescribed period; usually at least one year. Ask questions about any of the clauses that seem unclear. It’s also a good idea to make sure that there’s an exit clause should you find the service to be substandard.

At JAN-PRO, we are proud of the reputation for the highest quality cleaning services that we have earned with our customers. Get your free quote now and discover why we’ll be the last cleaner you’ll ever hire®.


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