How to Keep Your Gym Or Fitness Centre Clean


Are you running a busy gym and need help with the cleaning? Or perhaps you’re excited about opening a new business, and you’re looking into commercial cleaning prices?

Hiring a cleaning company is a must for any medium-sized business, and this is especially the case for areas like gyms that are full of specialized, delicate equipment in need of daily cleaning and sanitizing.

Wondering what it will take to deep clean your gym?

Here’s an overview of specialty cleaning services that a professional cleaning company can offer:

Sanitizing Equipment and Accessories   

Gyms are particularly difficult areas to keep clean because the complex equipment and exercise accessories are touched by many bodies every single day, all day long.   

A good preventative measure is to put hand-washing reminders in the bathrooms, as well as notices on all machines and equipment telling customers to wipe them down after each use. Be sure to use non-toxic disinfectants during the day and on the customer floor in case your customers are sensitive to the smell or the chemicals. Staff should also be cleaning machines regularly throughout the day.

Another good thing to do is have hand sanitizer available in various parts of the gym as well as paper towels and tissues.

While these things won’t take care of all the germs, they will help to cut down on the presence of bacteria.


There’s no doubt that gyms are smelly places and there are a few things you can do to reduce smells. Professional cleaners can, for instance, be scheduled to clean out open lockers at night.

Steam cleaners are another non-toxic and effective solution for getting rid of heavy odours, and you can even use them to clean sweat and grease off machines and accessories such as weights and exercise balls.


Washrooms take the most time to clean, and when you have showers, lockers, saunas and other gym-related areas, they can get dirty pretty quickly. From soap scum to water stains to grout issues, you’ll need professionals to not only keep everything clean but also to ensure that various surfaces are maintained for longevity.


Some of the worst culprits for carpet stains are drinks like coffee and protein shakes, so if you have a carpeted area, try to keep it clear of any liquids besides water. But if you do see stains or other problems, professional cleaning companies will be able to get them out with heavy-duty equipment and products. They will also be vacuuming regularly with high-powered vacuums to minimize allergens.

JAN-PRO has plenty of experience cleaning gyms from top to bottom, ensuring optimal sanitization for your staff and customers. We’ll use techniques to prevent cross-contamination, use non-toxic cleaners where possible, and ensure that odours are kept at bay.

Want to know more about our professional gym cleaning services? Call us today and get a free quote.

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